Positively Crochet: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips

Positively Crochet: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational TipsNice patterns but..I d like to be positive The patterns are interesting BUT the words of encouragement are written by someone utterly clueless about her audience This is a diverse society and many good people are, as Pope Francis reminds us, not Christians and don t want to hear your lecture on your faith I write encouragement without annoying people with my faith, it s doable if you want to And anyone who promotes Hobby Lobby That is the family who wants to be a public employer but deny employees their rights under the law Their suit to prevent their employees from using their health insurance to get family planning was a blow for families everywhere, when the SCOTUS agreed Get your patterns elsewhere Let people practice their faith privately and not shove it into a book on crochet. Positively Crochet Lives Up To Its Name With Plenty Of Crochet Projects And Powerful Messages For Positive LivingThis Playful, Project Focused Guide Concentrates On The Patterns And Stitches Used To Design The Fashionable Projects In This Book, Which Include Scarves, Shrugs, Sweaters, Hats, Purses And Belts In Addition To Trendy Garments And Accessories, You Will Discover Pairings Of Design Tips With Inspirational Insight, Useful For Improving Crochet Skills And Making The Most Of Every Situation Life Delivers So, I would probably have rated this book about the same as I ve rated most of the pattern books I ve looked at 2 stars , except that there was this peachy orange top that is really cute and the exact color I ve been looking for a shirt in for years I had to give it another star just for that Silly me Overall, a good 50% of the patterns are cute and or feasible patterns for actual wear Some of them are a little too hippy the tank with clover leaf arm bands or a little to dorky the hat with knee length braids for my tastes, but others, like the peachy top or the cover sweater, were right up my alley theoretically.There were a couple of patterns using sari silk yarn, which I m not a fan of I love the idea upcycling saris into yarn to make money in low income households , but can t bring myself to embrace the colors If they had sari silk yarn in variegated color families blues, greens, oranges, pinks, etc , I d be all over that poop like um, well, like stink on poop As it is, with every color in the rainbow thrown together without any discernible pattern, I just can t take it.With almost every pattern in this book is an inspirational tip the kind of stuff Hall did does herself to improve maintain the quality of her life and relationships I m not a fan of that kind of touchy feely stuff But others are, and they were good tips though some were fantastically corny I did read them Not that they ll influence my life in any profound way But maybe if you were to ruminate on each suggestion while you worked on the project, you could find a deeper connection to it On the other hand, if you re on my end of the touchy feely spectrum and you aren t into that stuff, either, these tips are pretty easy to ignore They ve been cordoned off into boxes at the bottoms of the pages, so it isn t that difficult to skip over them if you so desire.So, overall, this pattern book is a little less irritating than some of the others I ve looked at, with stylish or at leaststylish designs that aren t as likely to make those of us bearing imperfect figures feel inadequate Why do I mention this I just reviewed this other book, which wasn t as successful Suggestions for a positive lifestyle not a quote, but I can t say that with a straight face give this book bonus points for some, without alienating those of us who don t feel the need for advice. I received this book for Christmas and there are several designs that I am looking forward to crocheting I have been crocheting since childhood and I enjoy doing laces and threadwork These designs suit my wardrobe and I look forward to having the time to sit down with my hooks and some fresh yarn and make something for warmer weather The inspirational tips that are scattered through the text are not crochet related They are of a rather general nature and the exercise might have been successful if the author had offered inspirational tips that were closely related to the creative process, acquiring a new skill or something of that nature. Pretty nice patterns, that work with the inherent bulk of crocheted garments the instructions seem well written an accessible O could have done without the smugly Christian Words of Encouragement sprinkled between the patterns, but they were off to the bottom of the page so were easy to skip The patterns didn t really strike my fancy, but other folks might like them a lot. Some of these projects looked a bit too crafty for my liking I want be to want the things I make, but not know that they are homemade These were distinctly crafty suburban housewife type projects There were some good, basic patterns in this though. It s OkayPositively expected to find projects with a bit sophistication to them Stringing beads is of a child s craft than crochet needle art Perhaps I just expected too much Not a bad book, overall. There were some really cute projects in here Some that given the time I would try I liked the ring the best mostly because it would be so quick to throw together, but i would try to crochet the beads on instead of sewing them. There are a few cute projects in this book that I d make, mostly scarves, but there s not much beyond that A few too many chokers and bracelets for my taste, and the larger projects don t seem practical. Another fabulous crochet book Love studying the patterns and ideas.

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Positively Crochet: 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips
  • Mary Jane Hall
  • English
  • 24 July 2018
  • 9780896895171

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