The Pool and the Pedestal

The Pool and the Pedestal Although book 1 seemed slow going, this book 2 steps the story into high gear With the help of the Grey Elves and others, the Zodrians are preparing for war with Amird s forces of chaos New friends and foes are revealed and some surprises are in store for Kael and crew Daniel McHugh paints wonderful portraits and creates very interesting characters Granu, son of Grannak may very well be one of my faovorite characters I ve ever read I m really loving this series now and can t wait to see what happens next On to book 3 Kael Brelgson Stands In The Capital Of The Nearing World Confused And Disturbed By The Past Few Weeks His Brother Aemmon Is Dead And Kael Has Been Ripped From His Comfortable, Anonymous Life In An Attempt To Reunite With His Father, He Is Thrust Into The Heart Of Strife Zodra, The Last Citadel Standing Against The Servants Of Amird The Fallen Seraph, Prepares For War Those Within Her Walls Must Decide Where And When They Will FightKael Must Choose As Well He Senses The Calling Within Should He Run From It, Or Embrace The Creator S Design And Face Life As A New Seraph And All Of The Dangers That Life Entails In Book II Of The Seraphinium New Threats Arise, Old Friendships Are Renewed, Powerful Allies Are Unveiled And Ancient Evils Arise In The North If you like Lord of the Rings, you will probably enjoy this series. As I suspected, this book dropped all of the world building from the first installment and ramped up the story The result iscohesion in the narrative and a surety of destination In other words, I m relatively sure where the story is headed and I m quite comfortable with that direction.The most intriguing aspect of this book is the introduction of several key characters I wouldn t think we needcharacters at this point, but those who are introduced prove compelling and definitely add drama and tension One small criticism revolves around the main character, Kael I definitely find myselfor less along for the ride with him Reminds me a bit of my thoughts on Frodo Baggins I m fond of him, but his companions are so muchinteresting This shouldn t be a problem if the story continues with enough bells and whistles to distract me from overanalyzing the hero. This book takes the story in a very interesting direction The politics and espionage of warfare take center stage as well as the intrigue of an assassin hunting prey Additionally, a secondary mysticism enters the plot through the introduction of an extremely enigmatic character These books are character driven and the author does a fantastic job bringing new and exciting storylines to the series. My review of the first book in this series was unfortunately not one of theglowing ones I ve written I m happy to say that the second book in the series read much better, like Daniel was finding his stride as a writer I particularly liked his introduction of yetcharacters who promise further complications twists of the plot In the end, I m intrigued enough to keep reading the series to see where Daniel takes the story. The dialogue is very well done

BiographyDaniel McHugh was born on 7 17 1966 as the 7th child of William and Janis McHugh He was born at 7 07 a.m on the 7th floor of Little Company of Mary Hospital and weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces Therefore, his lucky number is quite understandably 13.Visit his Home Page at

[EPUB] ✶ The Pool and the Pedestal  ✻ Daniel McHugh –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 335 pages
  • The Pool and the Pedestal
  • Daniel McHugh
  • English
  • 25 October 2019

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