The Sphinx Project

The Sphinx Project3.5 stars overall.Full Review on Paperback Dolls SPHINX PROJECT is a good debut that is impressive when you consider that it is a self published work by a young author I believe she is 21 or 22 If this is only a glimpse at the caliber of storytelling to come from this author, we should expect great things ahead I look forward to future installments in the series, especially since Hawkings leaves fans with quite the cliffhanger. When I read the synopsis, I immediately thought of Maximum Ride If it s anything like that series, I m going to love this one.Let s gooo. Not Many People Can Say Their Entire Existence Has Been One Big Lab Experiment Poked And Prodded By Scientists, Genetically Modified To Be The Best And Endure The Worst, Subjected To Daily Tests And Trials That Would Kill A Normal Human All Michaela Wants Is Her Own Life, To Be Able To Go To School, Flirt With Boys, Maybe Eat Ice Cream Now And Then So When The Chance To Escape Finally Comes, Michaela And Her Sister Grab It, Taking Their Friends With ThemBut They Weren T The Only Ones To Find Their Way Out Of Those Labs Following Close Behind Are Another Breed Of Creature, One That Doesn T Know The Difference Between Right And Wrong, Who Exist Only To Feed Their Own Hunger The Appearance Of A Strange Boy Who Seems Too Much Like Them To Be A Coincidence Makes Things Even Confusing But As The World Begins To Literally Fall Apart Around Them, Michaela Must Accept His Help, Especially When She Could Lose The Very Thing She Holds Dearest Her Sister I like The Sphinx Project The Sphinx Project has potential The sci fi element is not new but the action packed scenes brought new flavor to it I liked the execution but i had problems with the ebook copy There are several wrong spellings and grammatical errors that affected the meaning of sentences and paragraphs Could this be a result of lack in editing and proofreading i don t know Also, i found most of the action scenes too descriptive It was technically right but i lost the emotional connection to the situations at hand Still, i believe The Sphinx Project is worth a try Kayla, Nicole, Mouse Briana are genetically altered teenage girls that have one purpose to be the perfect soldiers When they are not working in the outside world, they are imprisoned in the lab and get tested and experimented When an escape seemed possible, they took it but Kayla was not prepared for the secrets and truths behind The Sphinx Project The story is fast moving Hawkings did not dwell long on Kayla s life inside the lab She focused on Kayla s and her fellow lab rats life on the run The characters are okay enough but i was detached from them i felt Nicole, though It was also said that Kayla is special but Hawkings did not reveal why But the natural disasters added a nice touch on their predicament This gave a hint of an upcoming post apocalyptic world that is exciting to anticipate The romance is predictable and rash, but i know it will get better in the next books My exact rating is 3.5 i liked The Sphinx Project because it is not boring The plot could ve been polished but it was doable i finished the book in one sitting Give it a try Perhaps if you don t mind the issues i have, you will enjoy reading The Sphinx Project. CAPTIVATING AT FIRST SIGHT.Has a book ever left you speechless when you have just finish read the last few sentences The Chimaera Chronicles will do just that From the moment you begin reading to the very ending of the book, you find yourself glued to wherever you are, unable to withdraw you eyes from the book.The Sphinx Project is a fast moving plot with plenty of action packed scenes and nail biting moments which will literally leave you on the edge of your seat Kate Hawkings has created a magnificent YA paranormal book and had managed to grab everything that should be in a YA paranormal book series, from kick ass heroins, such as Michaela and Mouse, to unexpected twists and turns that you didn t see coming.If you haven t got this superb YA paranormal book on your MUST HAVE list like in right now, you don t know what you missing out on but hey, it s not late at all to do so because once you have read this book, you will be blown away by the incredibleness of The Chimaera Chronicles All I can think about right now is WHEN CAN I GET MY HANDS ON THE NEXT ONE Yes, It s that amazing A book that captures your attention from the very beginning and leaves you speechless at the end.It s a winner SUPERB THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.I loved from the first word to the last.The characters are so brave and not selfish that you just love all of them There were twist and turns in the story, the way spoiler a character change from good to bad in seconds and the way you never expect anything that happened in the bookSometimes, you can guess what happens in a story but this one, you can never expect anythingEven though I m a big romance reader, this story doesn t have much romance in it but it makes me BEG for book 2 because I want to know what happens between Matt and Kayla AND I M DYING TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK.The ending left you in a complete cliffhangerI was reading it and then I was like Is that it I want to know what happens Kayla was strong, brave and would do anything to spoiler get her twin sister back Matt was an asshole but a good and caring asshole, I loved him and everyone else Mouse was like a child but a very smart child, Jake was sweet, he was quiet and kind of like a geek and he kind of suit Mouse Nike was BAD ASS, hot totally hot and friendly, I loved her, she was like a girly girl at times but she s all business at the right times.Even though most of these characters only appear half way through the book except Kayla, Mouse and Nicole , they were likeable really quickly and you ll fall in love with them straight away Spoiler Briana was good but she turned bad half way through the book, and Kate doesn t tell you why and I was like WHY DID SHE SELL THEM OUT IN THE CLUB all the way through the book..Every sentence captured me and I couldn t stop reading I wanted to read it all the way through but I had to stop because later I ll be I CAN T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOKI M GONNA DIEKILL ME MUMMYI DON T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE and that s what I m like right now.You ll love this book when you read it and you ll be like me right now after you finish it I HATE YOU KATE, FOR MAKING ME WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK BUT I LOVE YOU FOR WRITING SUCH A GOOD AND FANTASTIC BOOK Cannot wait for the next one If you re looking for a book that will have you gripped from the very beginning, then this it it Beautifully written, action packed, and full of loveable characters I love Kayla s obsession with ice cream, and the relationships between the girls You really feel for them as they re on the run, having no idea what to expect next I certainly had no idea what to expect next, which kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through Such a big cliffhanger at the end though When I realised I had just read the last chapter, I wanted to carry on reading Definitely worth a read, I would recommend it to everyone The Sphinx Project is AMAZING I had been looking forward to reading this book for months, and I definitely wasn t disappointed It exceeded my expectations I literally couldn t put it down from the moment I began reading Ms Hawkings story hit the ground running and didn t stop until the end and even at the end The cliffhanger is going to drive me crazy until the release of the second book in the Chimaera Chronicles I have two words for you, Ms Hawkings WRITE FASTER I m dying for this sequel This was pretty good I m surprised people haven t read it It wasn t perfect but the potential was definitely there I loved the characters and plot but there wasn t enough dialogue for my liking which made it drag at parts The ending was crazy though and I m REALLY looking forward to the sequel Please note minor spoilersI think before we delve into this review, it is very important that I put a disclaimer here I read this the day after I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out, plus had a procedure performed on my jaw joint at the same I was on all kinds of crazy pain killers and my face was still numb What I remember reading and what I actually read may not be the same things I was in my own little world completely.Okay, let s get started.First of all The Prologue It s interesting It caught my attention But it never actually connected to anything later in the story There was never any allusion to it whatsoever that I could pick up It was like there was a prologue for the sake of showing of that these chicks are bad ass and have mad skills, yo The actual story itself starts off very bleak not in a this story looks crap way, but in a wow these characters sure do have it tough way In some ways I was amazed at how generally well adjusted these girls were when the things they had to go through were put into consideration I guess that s the humanity of the mother figure they had I have to say that everytime Michaela mentioned Mom it made me think of Mother by Pink Floyd and then led me to think that hey maybe this mysterious Mom character is actually the mastermind behind all this, and Michaela is suffering from Stockholm syndrome Well, this doesn t happen as far as this book is concerned Mom is just her Surrogate mother who stuck around and showed the girls love and compassion Awww.For the most part, the story flows fairly well, and I found myself being very caught up in it There are a few awkward moments whether it s a scene transition or the characters do something go somewhere just to make the next thing in the plot happen conveniently I realise this is what writing is all about, it s just done a little awkwardly sometimes I really found the laser tag tournament unnecessary I know it was for them to earn money, but in a country torn apart by some kind of Zombie apocalypse, teamed up with the 2012 end of world theme running through it I found it a little odd that there would still be a laser tag tournament going on There is a bit of romance in here too what YA novel doesn t have some kind of romantic interest these days I didn t really cheer for Michaela and her love interest that much I wasn t against it, but it didn t really seem organic It was a bit of I hate you for unspecified reasons brooding glare then proceeded to Actually, yeah, nah I do fancy you afterall Cool banana s happy hand holding.Don t get me wrong, despite all this it is a very enjoyable read Not only this, you have to remember it s self published and I think at the end of the day, I think if she had the same team of well paid editors that published authors do, the story would flow perfectly As it is, for a self published effort, very impressive I will definitely be reading the next instalment when it comes out Rating 3.75 5

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  • The Sphinx Project
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  • 15 May 2019
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