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Olivia Counts Olivia Counts Ian Falconer Livres Retrouvez Olivia Counts Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Passer Au Contenu Principal Essayez Prime Bonjour, Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Identifiez Vous Compte Et Listes Retours Et Commandes Testez Prime Panier Livres Anglais Et Trangers GoProfils Olivia Counts Facebook Afficher Les Profils Des Personnes Qui S Appellent Olivia Counts Inscrivez Vous Sur Facebook Pour Communiquer Avec Olivia Counts Et D Autres Personnes Olivia Counts By Ian Falconer Goodreads Olivia Is One Of My Children S Favorite Characters Olivia Counts Is A Board Book That Teaches With The Typical Humor Of The Olivia Books Counting One To Ten Of All The Olivia Books I Ve Read To Harriet, Olivia Counts Is By Far Her Favorite It Is Short, Cute And Heavy On The Illustrations Olivia Counts Olivia Wiki Fandom Olivia Counts Is The Fourth Book In The Book Series Titled Olivia It Was Written And Illustrated By Ian Falconer Characters Present Olivia Summary Olivia Teaches Preschoolers How To Count Fromtoin This Charming Story Olivia Title Olivia Counts Author Ian Falconer Illustrator IanOlivia Counts Author Ian FalconerNot Retrouvez Olivia Counts Author Ian Falconer Published On September,et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Olivia Counts Profiles Facebook View The Profiles Of People Named Olivia Counts Join Facebook To Connect With Olivia Counts And Others You May Know Facebook Gives People The Power ToOlivia Counts By Ian Falconer Not Retrouvez Olivia Counts By Ian Falconeret Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Olivia Counts Book By Ian Falconer Official Count Along With Olivia In This Enchanting Board Book, Toddlers Will Join Everyone S Favorite Piglet As They Learn To Count From One To Ten Count Along With Olivia In This Enchanting Board Book, Toddlers Will Join Everyone S Favorite Piglet As They Learn To Count From One To TenOlivia CountsIan Ian Falconer Is The Author And Illustrator Of The Olivia Book Series, Including Olivia, Olivia Helps With Christmas, Olivia And The Fairy Princesses, Olivia And The Missing Toy, Olivia Saves The Circus, To Name A FewFalconer S Illustrations Have Graced Numerous Covers Of The New YorkerHe Has Also Designed Sets And Costumes For The New York City Ballet, The San Francisco Opera, The Royal

Ian Falconer is the author and illustrator of all the titles in the bestselling Olivia series Olivia, Olivia Saves the Circus,Oliviaand the Missing Toy, and Olivia Forms a Band His illustrations have also graced many covers of the New Yorker In addition, he has designed sets and costumes for the New York City Ballet, the San Francisco Opera, and the Royal Opera House Covent Garden , among

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  • Board Book
  • 12 pages
  • Olivia Counts
  • Ian Falconer
  • English
  • 18 March 2019
  • 9780689836732

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    I love this book because it is bilingual which has English and Spanish words It is about a piglet named Olivia who counts the different objects that she has starting from one through 10 For example, the first page starts of as 1 one ball una pelota Children can learn how to say it in Spanish as well by saying the number and the object that Olivia is holding, wearing or introducing us with Children can relate to this book because of the objects that the book is introducing like a ball, books, toys I love how the only color red is in the book which is the number and the objects I believe the illustration is that way so that children can understand to count the objects that is in each page I will tell students to count with me when I introduce a new number.

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    Children who are learning to count can learn numbers one to ten with everyone s favorite pig Olivia This book is cute, and very clear for children who are learning Not just girls would enjoy this book, but it would also be helpful for boys as well The book uses things that would interest young children Olivia is a great character that children love Young children need something to grab their attention and this piglet does the trick She s an attention grabber, that doesn t scare children away from turning to the next page Counting books vary from all different subjects, but Olivia is a great one that children really enjoy I would recommend this to anyone trying to teach their little one to count Especially if they enjoy Olivia s picture books.

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    Ian Falconer s beloved Olivia teaches children to count from one to ten with her clever way of exploring the world Falconer s simple illustrations of Olivia with things that represent each number allow kids to see the quantity of things and count along I love the simplicity of the colors, red, black, and white.

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    Olivia is a pig and she wears people out She liked to play and go to the meseum When it s time for bed her mom says to pick out one book but she wants to read 5 Her mom finally agrees to read three.

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    Another fun and easy way to teach children how to count It is a great story example to teach children about Olivia and how she learned how to count It is an interactive book and a clever way to get students involved I really enjoyed this book.

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    easy counting board book but lacked in enticing illustrations.

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    The young girls that I babysit love this book especially the page with all of Olivia s accessories

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    Title Olivia Counts Author and Illustrator Ian FalconerGenre Children s Literature, Counting BookTheme To teach toddlers how to count from one to ten along with their favorite pig, Olivia Opening Line Sentence 1 one ball Brief Book Summary Toddlers will learn to count from one to ten the book itself does not really have a plot.Professional Recommendation Review 1 Marilyn Courtot Organization It is amusing and also remarkable what Falconer can produce with just black and red in his charcoal and gouache illustrations Recommendation Review 2 Ilene Cooper Booklist Journal Popular little Olivia is as delightful when demonstrating concepts in board books for the very young children as she is in her usual picture book format to Two Reviews When it comes to the professional reviews of Olivia Counts, I find myself caught in between wanting to think it is a good book, while also thinking it is just average, and my classroom library can do without Although I do think it is a good read for toddlers because it has a character that they are familiar with, it does not contain a plot Having a minimal plot makes a counting or alphabet book a bit interesting, rather than just naming the number of how many random objects are on a certain page.Evaluation of Literary Elements Based on the work of Molly Bang, Olivia Counts has excellent illustrations considering only about three or four colors are used The simple use of black, white, grey, and red cause whatever is in red usually the number and the item being displayed to pop and grasp the reader s attention Considering the elements of literacy, Olivia Counts is a great book because it is simple, uses familiar vocabulary, in addition to a familiar concept of counting from one to ten that will not overwhelm the child.Consideration of Instructional Application Since Olivia Counts only counts from one to ten, I can have students, particularly younger students such as ages two to four make necklaces out of ten cheerios This will help them practice counting from one to ten, along with developing fine motor skills For older children, I can relate this read aloud to math, and have them independently solve addition and subtraction problems that involve the numbers one through ten only.

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    Title Olivia CountsAuthor Ian FalconerIllustrator Ian FalconerGenre Counting Book Theme s Counting, Olivia the pig Opening Line Sentence 1 one ball Brief Book Summary Olivia, the famous female pig, is featured in this book counting from numbers one to ten There is one number listed on each page On each page, there are a corresponding number of items to the number on the page For example, there are seven accessories for the number seven Professional Recommendation Review 1 Ilene Cooper Booklist Reviewed with Ian Falconer s Olivia s Opposites Popular little Olivia is as delightful when demonstrating concepts in board books for the very young children as she is in her usual picture book format As in previous outings, charcoal drawn Olivia learns and plays against a white background dabs of lipstick red highlight the fun In Counts, the little piggy holds one red and white beach ball, wears two red bows, and shows off seven red accessories on a double page spread Sometimes the pictures are all monotone The final spread shows 10 Olivia s in action jumping, hammering, sunbathing fun for new counters to enjoy Opposites are even easier for young children to grasp Long and short features Olivia in two dresses of different lengths Coming has Olivia on a scooter moving into the spread going features her on the edge of the spread scooting out while doing a handstand.Professional Recommendation Review 2 Marilyn Courtot Children s Literature There she is in all her glory Olivia has red ribbons on her ears, red striped panty hose and a red purse She is ready to help kids learn to count from one to ten It is one big beach ball, two bows, and so on from one up to seven Then a very sophisticated word is introduced, accessories Accessories include Olivia s beads, shirt, glasses, and a several other items Next it is on to eight cousins I do believe that is a pretty well known children s book popular some many years ago , nine toys, and the grand finale a presentation of ten Olivia s It is amusing and also remarkable what Falconer can produce with just black and red in his charcoal and gouache illustrations.Response to Two Professional Reviews I felt that it was pretty hard for a reviewer to not enjoy this book Many people seem to love Olivia and know her presence immediately Both of the reviews loved the book, Olivia and the different ways she helps children count from one to ten The book is a board book, therefore the reader knows it is for a younger audience The images are large and spread out far enough for the readers to be able to point their finger and count aloud Evaluation of Literacy Elements Although there are a few words within the book, they get straight to the point of counting There are a few minor instances of alliteration throughout the book For example, Three pots of paint, and Seven accessories Olivia is notorious for being illustrated in charcoal, with her features or accessories being in red This is something that the eye is drawn immediately to, especially on a plain white background Consideration of Instructional Application Using this book as an instructional supplement would be beneficial when teaching students to count A teacher could gather the appropriate amount of items to show the class when counting For example, when showing the number three, there could be three pencils Students could also just use their fingers when counting from one to ten Having a visual often times is much easier to visualize.

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    Olivia Counts is a really short book that helps small children learn their numbers 1 through 10 Each page is a different number of different objects that are easy for children to understand 3 book topic ideas1 Students learning their numbers one through ten can read this and get an understanding of their numbers one through ten They can begin practicing and use the book when they need it 2 Students can read each page and come up with other things that use the numbers on the page 3 You could also use this book to continue on in the number system after ten and have students come up with different things to count.

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