Their Virgin Captive

Their Virgin CaptiveAfter I finish books like this, sometimes I have to ask myself Really, what was I expecting The thing is, Shayla Black has written books that really wiped me out Books for which I don t remember the sex, just the truly emotionally affecting transformation of the hero and heroine into people who can be happy together This was not one of those books This was sort of likepaint by numbers menage a quatre Honestly, the best I can do is pose the following questions 1 What is up with these menage books in which the male partners are brothers Is this to remove any hint that there might be same sex attraction at play Because all it does is add a creepy incest dynamic I mean, think about it this way you re screwing away, hovering on the verge of orgasm, and then you look up and lock eyes withyour brother, who is also about to pop off like a rocket IDK, for me this would be the opposite of sexy.2 In menage a quartre books, there s always the inevitable four way screw a palooza, which the heroine always seems to handle unflappably But it kind of seems like, I don t know, this might be kind of a major leap for a VIRGIN I m NOT a virgin, and it would be a major leap for me I AM JUST SAYING 3 While I m on the subject A virgin WHY Statistically, 92% of American women experience first intercourse by age 24 this stat courtesy of our friends at the Kinsey Institute Where are all these 25 to 30 year old Romancelandia virgins coming from Amish country Beyond this, I got nothing This was neither hot nor emotionally affecting I can t even remember the heroine s name Or the heroes names, except that they were kind of porny maybe one was named SLATE or something like that. 4 smokin hot stars The sex scenes, Dirty, Sexy, HotThe storyline, things progressed to fast,Not enough of a build between the characters, so the insta love didn t work,But like, I said the Sex was Smokin Hot..So that worked for me I was hoping for , but still a descent read M F M, M M M F I love this whole series I re read this one yesterday and realized I never got around to rating it.Re Read June 21st, 2017Still, LOVE this book and this series I hope we get a new one soon Oh boy sigh I had some high hopes for this one, but it turned out just okay for me Three tall, dark, and studly Texas brothers Gavin James 32 , Slade James 28 , and half brother Dex Townsend 27 capture their sweet, blonde, virginal admin I m assuming that s some sort of slang for administrative assistant and whisk her off to their remote oil company offices in Alaska when they find out a stalker is after her Two of the brothers waste no time in letting 25 year old Hannah know just want they want from her they re doms, she s agreed to be their sub in the bedroom but oldest brother Gavin is hung up on some tragic mistake from his past and though he desperately wants to, he can t bring himself to join in the fun and games So he acts like a complete ass , and tries to discourage Hannah s love for him Hannah loves all the brothers annoyingly referred to as the James Gang Will Gavin ever spill his guts and tell his brothers and Hannah why he can t let himself have some happiness and partake in their hot little m nage, or will he keep being the same remote ass he s been for the last 10 years, letting guilt destroy his life Despite some hotness in this story, it wasn t quite as steamy as it could ve been And too many eye rolling moments brought me out of the story and kept me from getting fully engrossed in the storytelling And a couple of things bugged me view spoiler Hannah was supposedly indispensable to the brothers and they were all wildly in love with her They ran a million dollar oil company and were rich and successful Then why did their right hand woman live in a ghetto and drive a broken down car didn t they pay her well hide spoiler 3 1 2 starsI bought this story mainly because Shayla Black s name was on cover and so were the words virgin and menage What does that say about my reading habits Considering I also get excited when I see Etruscan or cryptozoology in a title, I m not sure Anyway, my bad for not deciphering the title closely I totally overlooked the implication of the word Master I don t typically read BDSM, only because I can t get past my immediate reaction to laugh when a man tells a woman to kneel on the floor at his feet or he ll spank her I keep thinking, I d be telling him to get on his knees and while he s down there, clean the floor and maybe I ll buy him dinner later Hmm, maybe someone can recommend some good femdom.That said, Shayla Black and Lexi Blake s writing is compact but emotionally compelling and, though short, the story held my interest and I finished it in a few hours.Now I m anxiously awaiting the next chapter in the Doomsday Brethren series. Warning, rant aheadI m never really comfortable with people going out of their way to speak ill of the dead, either in real life or in fiction, and that happened in spades here Gavin s dead girlfriend is a slut A conniving, social climbing slut who took advantage of Gavin during his very rough life period of being a young billionaire He was rich She was slutty What could he do except fuck her repeatedly But then we find out why Gavin feels so guilty after her death view spoiler Because one night she called him while he was out at a party, and she said she was going to kill herself while pregnant with his child His response was You do what you have to do He hung up, stayed at the party, and didn t bother to a go to her, b call a friend of hers to go check on her, or c call the police So she does kill herself And she dies and so does his unborn child.And he feels guilty.To which I say good I mean, he didn t make her unstable or kill her But he did screw up He should have called the police I can understand his uncertainty in that moment but it s still a screw up And because he didn t call anyone, his girlfriend and unborn child are dead KIND OF A BIG DEAL.But of course he can t just feel guilty He has to be an asshole to his brothers AND the newfound love of his life And when his brothers finally call him out on this and he confesses, they are like, what You did absolutely nothing wrong Absolutely 100% of this guilt and grief is misplaced because she was sleeping around and you didn t even LOVE her anyway Excuse me No He can and should GRIEVE them even if he did nothing wrong And He did do something wrong.Look, I m cool with forgiveness and moving on, but the thing that really frustrates me is that anytime someone even hinted at an insult to their beautiful virgin Hannah, they got punched in the face The CIO of their company thought she was a slut Punch in the face Gavin said she isn t wifey material Punch in the face.But that s for virgin Hannah Apparently slutty slut slut Old Girlfriend can just die alone and pregnant because that s what she gets for being so slutty And we should forget about her the next day What a slut Now, who wants to double penetrate the virgin Hannah hide spoiler Brothers Gavin, Slade, And Dex, Fall Hard For Gavin S New Secretary, Beautiful Hannah Craig The Oil Executives Know They Must Give Her Time To Get To Know Them Before She Can Choose One Who Will Seduce The Virgin And Keep Her For His Own But When A Dangerous Predator Begins Stalking The Small Town Beauty, They Work Together To Protect Her, Abducting Hannah And Spiriting Her To An Isolated Hideaway Once Alone With Her, None Of Them Can Contain Their Burning Desire Though Slade And Dex Don T Mind Sharing, Gavin S Tragic Past Has Put Distance Between Him And His Brothers Now, They Re Hoping That Not Only Will Hannah Love Them Back But Maybe Mend Their Fractured FamilyAfter Overcoming Her Initial Fears, The Men Teach Her Wild Pleasure She S Never Imagined She Grows Closer To Each, Their Devotion Melting Her Inhibitions Hannah Finds Herself Embracing Love With All Three Men And Hoping She Can Heal Gavin S Wounded Soul But Her New Found Happiness Turns To Terror When Her Stalker Finds Her Will Gavin, Slade And Dex Lose Their Woman To A Menace That Threatens Everything They Hold Dear, Or Will They Finally Unite To Make Hannah Theirs Forever yes, yes, yesEverybody has their own guilty pleasure types of readWell, mine are Shayla Black s booksFirst of all, MENAGE is what i like cough to readduh Bdsmah, well if you mustat this point i ll give inAlpha broody, demanding, protective sigh and tear the chlothes off Okaaay.okaaayi ve read it cause of the, fuck yeahand screw the storylinewhat storyline.i m even past the virgin status of the heroineSo, where were weah, yessex 1.5 Stars Oh dear, I really wish I had given this a miss I don t require my books to be deep or carry a meaning lesson, I am really easy going and easy to please as I just want to get lost in the story, but of course for me to do this it has to have a little bit of substance whether it comes in the format of romance or suspense or even just really smutty graphic sex scenes making it a pure sexfest but this book had none of that which made it a really disappointing read I have never read anything by Ms Black so can t compare but I do know this was not up to Ms Blake s usual standard I now have a bit of a dilemma on my hands in that I had got the whole series at the same time, so do I go ahead and carry on reading them in hopes they get better but possibly waste special reading time, or do I leave them which is a waste of money HHHOOOTTTT with three yummy brothers

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