Lucy (Daughters of the Sea, #3)

Lucy (Daughters of the Sea, #3) A Choice Between Love And SurvivalLucy S Family Is Excited To Spend The Summer In Bar Harbor, Maine Her Minister Father Is Pleased To Preside Over Such A Prestigious Congregation, And His Social Climbing Wife Is Ecstatic At The Chance To Find A Rich Husband For Her DaughterYet Lucy Wants Nothing To Do With The Bar Harbor Social Scene She S Simply Excited To Spend The Summer By The Sea, Watching The Waves From Her Favorite Spot On The Cliff Despite Having Never Gone Swimming, Lucy Feels An Intense Connection To The Ocean, And Meets A Handsome Ship Builder Who Shows Lucy A World She S Never Known, Yet Somehow Always Longed ForHowever, Her Mother Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Lucy And The Ship Builder Apart, Even If It Means Throwing Lucy Into The Arms Of A Wealthy Man With A Dangerous Secret Can Lucy Break Free And Embrace Her Destiny As A Daughter Of The Sea Or Is She Doomed To Waste Away In A Gilded Cage, Slowly Dying Of A Broken Heart

The War of the Ember, is currently the last book in the

[Ebook] ➩ Lucy (Daughters of the Sea, #3)  Author Kathryn Lasky –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Lucy (Daughters of the Sea, #3)
  • Kathryn Lasky
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
  • 9780439783125

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    I was SO EXCITED for this book because I thought it would be the end of the series, but it isn t Or at least, I sincerely hope it isn t because it ended with one heck of a cliff hanger I really enjoyed this addition to the Daughters of the Sea series because while the story mainly focuses on Lucy, May and Hannah s point of views were also included so I wasn t wondering how they felt in regards to the events unfolding Yet again, Kathryn Lasky does a wonderful job with characters that we end up despising without overdoing it to the point of ridiculousness I felt like she did a wonderful job with Lucy s adoptive mother and showing just how important social standing was to her and how far she would go to protect it I am also realieved that the person murdered is not the person who I thought it would be at the beginning of the book Although, I truly despise the fact that the mother did not take the blame and instead framed Lucy I really enjoyed this book, except for the cliff hanger ending, and am anxiously awaiting the next in the series there better be one so that I can find out what happens next

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    This just was meh.

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    This book caught my eye whilst I was at the library I picked it up to look at it and thought ooh mermaids This oughta be good sidenote I didn t realise that this was the third book of a series, but that didn t really matter Unfortunately, it wasn t that great The beginning was terribly slow and hard to get interested For the first 100 pages I had to force myself to keep reading, because I thought for sure it would get way better It did get better, but still wasn t great I felt like it was kind of rushed and could have been a lot better I was starting to like it a bit in the middle but then the end came The ending is very abrupt and sudden There is a plot twist right at the very end which causes something big to happen and then it ends Thats it No tying up of loose ends actually creating a lot , no true reunion of the sisters at the end, happy, no happy endings, it was just an odd cliff hangar ending I would expect another book coming, but I have not been able to find any information on whether Lasky is writing another book or not It wouldn t really fit in as the first three books were about each of the three sisters I was expecting a happy, full ending here but did not find one.

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    That ending was crap.

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    Loved the book She better be having a 4th one on the way and soon

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    This book has killed 97% my brain cells This book will kill your brain cells.The main character will be the reason for the alarming decrease of your brain cells.The romance will have you banging your head every minute, therefore the reason for your alarming decrease of brain cells.The lack of common sense will have you hyperventilating in an alarming manner from the rage that you can t evenTherefore another decrease of brain cells.The ending will have you counting backwards and taking deep breaths because you don t know what the fuck just happened Therefore you didn t loose any brain cells, because you have no to fucking spare I gave this book 2 stars because I actually managed to finish this shit.

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    Me Did I like this book Me Umm WHat the hell was that ending You cannot end like that Personally, the book was boring and I ended up having to stop reading it for four days and then starting it back up This series no offence to all the Daughters of the Sea lover was a bore I got this series as a recommendation from my friend but no no, no, no This book is not living up to the impression I got from her First starting out, the main character had to be found why didn t the author make her some experienced mer that already is happily living life, clueless about her sisters and something happens, amazing reunion but no Following the same thing from the other two books which were also a bore, I must admit , and they all fall in love with humans blah blah blah But where is the tension, the ACTUAL DAMN PLOT Me where is the plot What is the actual problem Other than finding their sisters THE PLOT WAS INTRODUCED IN THE LAST FREAKING CHAPTER There was not really much tension involved at all, and I was reading it because I WAS BORED Bookworms don t do that I mean, I generally am satisfied with the books and waiting for the next to come out, crying when the series ended but this did not invoke ANY emotions within me I mean where are the fireworks the massive plot twist that I was waiting for The one in this book is so minimal, I don t even want to read the next one And you know the whole LAW OF THE SALT if I was her sister, a long lost sister, I d be like damn the consequences and shout out to Lucy I mean aren t they supposedly loving sisters The love between the sisters was poorly expressed and you know what if I am just gonna rant and rave I might as well not continue Goodbye.

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    I m unsure what to think about Lucy It was cute and interesting, if a little scattered For an extremely fast novel Lasky tried to bring in the stories of four women aside from the titular main character, Lucy Lasky head hopped a lot to get the story out and everything came so easily that there was no real tension I liked the place Bar Harbor Maine is practically the main character of the series and it s lovely to read about a detailed culture now dead Once again, Lucy ends with a cliff hanger Now here s the real meat of my irritation From what I can tell, Lucy is the end of the series If it is, why is there no resolution If there s another one, Lucy will be a fine addition If it was the last one I m seriously annoyed Edit 2 11 I emailed Ms Lasky about the series and she was kind enough to reply as follows There will be another book, but I can not promise when I have several other commitments I must take care of first Please be patient That improves my outlook on Lucy and makes sense.

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    Oh to end on a cliffhanger like that What I would give for the books in this series to be just a few pages longer They manage to get so much in, and do a good job of it, but there are times when things feel just a tad bit rushed and with a few extra pages things could be drawn out I liked Lucy, and found her world refreshing from her sisters, and yet frustrating with all the rules she had to follow I feel bad for her and May for both having mother figures such as they do I would have loved for there to have been on the change Mrs Snow went through after her discovery While I enjoyed Phin and Phin and Lucy as a couple, I wished they had had time to grow with each other instead of diving right into a relationship, though I felt that Lucy meeting her sisters was well paced It was a decent read, and now I look forward to a book four to find out what happens now that some know.

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    I really thought this series had promise, but yet every time I read one of these books I walk away feeling unsatisfied When will I learn My major complaint of a lack of mermaids I both the first and second book is addressed, and we as readers are FINALLY getting the whole picture of what these daughters of the sea are and how they got there, but this series is so painstakingly slow moving It s like you have to read 300 pages to move a small inch Without spoiling anything this book is the same as the others Annoying adults, clueless girl, and a shock cliffhanger I was NOT pleased when a major storyline was introduced to readers with only 20 pages to go I knew where this was leading, and knew there wasn t time to flesh it out So that means book 4 yes you read that right will start with 100 pages of fleshing out the plot element introduced in the last 20 pages of this book A never ending cycle So sad to see such a promising series take this path.

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