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Spider-Man: Spider-IslandStart Webbing The News New York City Becomes Infested And Eight Million People Are Plagued Normal People Are Getting Spider Powers But Not All Of Them Realize That With Great Power Must Also Comeyou Know The Rest Okay, Sure We Often Say Peter Parker S Life Will Never Be The Same But Listen, Pal, We Ve Never Been Serious This Will Change Everything For Pete, For Spideyand Possibly For You Look At It This Wayif Everyone S A Spider Manthen No One Is As The Brilliantly Fearsome Jackal Rises From The Past And Begins Organizing An Army Of Spider Powered Soldiers, How Can The Heroes Of NYC Hope To Contain Millons Of Wall Crawling New Yorkers Plus A Dangerous New Role For Venom And, Nearly Years In The Making, The Story Which Must Be Read J Jonah Jameson The Spectacular Spider Mayor Collecting Amazing Spider Man , Venom , Sider Island Deadly Foes, Material From Spider Island Spotlight And Amazing Spider Man ,

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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  • Hardcover
  • 392 pages
  • Spider-Man: Spider-Island
  • Dan Slott
  • English
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9780785151043

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    Everyone assemble This TPB edition collects Amazing Spider Man Infested , Amazing Spider Man 666 673, Venom 6 9 and a couple of selected stories from Spider Island Deadly Foes , plus several interviews and a sketch galley.Creative Team Writers Dan Slott, Rick Remender, Christos Gage Fred Van LenteIllustrators Humberto Ramos, Stefano Caselli, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Tom Fowler, Minck Oosterveer, Barry Kitson, Emma Rios, Max Fiumara, Onofrio Catacchio, Lee Garbett Scott Hanna SPIDER POWERS, ANYONE Dan Slott is one of the bravest writers in the comic book business nowadays, famous or infamous for polemic storylines like Superior Spider Man, and not matter if you like his stories or not, if you re into the comic books, hardly you aren t aware of what he s doing, since usually what he does cause an impact in the industry.So, choosing Dr Miles Warren aka The Jackal, infamous villain of the also infamous Spider Clone Saga for his own Spider Island wasn t that unusual, since Dan Slott knows how to justify his writer s salary.This is a story so big, that you have not only your friendly neighborhood Spider Man, but also Agent Venom, Anti Venom, Jessica Carpenter aka new Madam Web, plus the Avengers, the Future Foundation Fantastic Four minus Human Torch , and even the Young AlliesManhattan is infested with genetically manipulated bedbugs and than a million civilians got spider powers but without none of the responsibity to use them in a good way This is the worse nightmare for Mayor J Jonah Jameson, and he doesn t know how far the dark dream will extend The Jackal has not only a whole scientific team of clones of himself in his previous human form , but also a couple of powerful enforcershowever he isn t the one pulling the string in this insidious web, and a terrible threat is about to get control of all the infested spider powered civilians, and hardly will stop with an islandthe rest of the nation and even the world are at risk In a city where you find spider men in every cornerthe Amazing Spider Man hardly is a difference in this dangerous gamebut the scientific mind of Peter Parkermay be the key factor in the middle of this massive menace over the Manhattan

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    Aside from over exposure by putting the character in a 37 books at once, and making trillions of dollars worldwide on his image, the Spider Man books are usually all about fun Spider Man quips his way through a bunch of rollicking adventures as he rescues his extended Spider family from any danger They re also about Peter Parker s abysmal luck with everything involved with his daily life money, women, Aunt May s wheat cakes And finally about honor Spider Man recognizes the enormity of his powers and because he was raised by loving people see Superman , it s all about doing the right thing and using his spider abilities for the common good.So what would happen if the island of Manhattan is now overrun with millions of people possessing new found Spider powers Okay, what else And just who s responsible for this madness What the hell The Jackal The clone guy Wait come back He s not such a bad guy He s one of Spider Man s funnier villains and he didn t actually write the Clone Saga He s not the ultimate mover behind this, but he does his best to make sure that New York City just isn t about Friendly Neighborhood Spider Men and Women.The Superior Spider Man has been Slott s shining moment, but this storyline is where he really started to own the title Remender s Venom tie in issues included here do a decent job of pumping up the action and giving Flash Thompson a fairly interesting back story as well This is a whopper of a collection but it s a quick read There are other Spider Island titles out they re but there not necessary to the enjoyment of the storyline, which is pretty much self contained here.I think I might be coming around to Ramos art, it captures Slott s buoyant tone fairly well Oh, who am I kidding, I hate this stylized crap But this is cute Cap Wolf view spoiler Cap Spider hide spoiler

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    When people all over New York starting waking up with Spider powers, including his girlfriend, Spider Man swings into action Soon, New York is infested with Spider Men and the Avengers are called in But what happens when everyone starts to mutate And who is the source of the infection And can Spider Man stop the epidemic before it leaves Spider Island After my experience with Spider Man Big Time Ultimate Collection, I decided to dip my toes into another Spider Man collection and this one sounded great Was it Eh The main concept itself was a really cool idea People are granted Spider powers and chaos ensues Spider Man and company race against impossible odds and fix everything with all the thrills of a summer block buster What could go wrong Well, my main gripe is that it was too long for what it was and hinged too much on too many ancillary Spider characters, like Venom and Anti Venom Coupled with that, Humberto Ramos art seemed rushed in about half of his pages Also, it turns out I m not a big fan of Rick Remender s writing He s no Dan Slott, that s for sure.Now that I got the gripes out of the way, here s a ton of stuff that I liked Mary Jane with Spider powers J Jonah Jameson with Spider Powers The Shocker with six arms Kaine and Spidey teaming up to take on the main villain Kaine s final fate Reed Richards involvment Gravity and Firestar being referred to as Spider Man s Amazing Friends Shang Chi teaching Spidey kung fu events from The Other storyline referenced, complete with organic web shooters The Parker luck kicking inWith rumors of Kaine stepping into Spider Man s shoes after Amazing Spider Man 700, I figured I should see where it all began While it wasn t as good as Big Time, it was still fun It s a high three.

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    Expected from it But it was Still Good

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    Loved this story arc Anti venom saving the day..who would have thought

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    I ll give Dan Slott this much he sticks by his motto of just have fun This is a big, crazy crossover event that only gets crazier as it progresses, but it never loses that sense of just doing whatever the next big, fun, ridiculously comic booky thing is Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of loose ends that all need tying up with whatever spare string is lying around, and some string that Slott just pulls out of thin air.So, here s the setup The incredibly silly Spider Man villain The Jackal a fuzzy green guy who looks and acts nothing like a jackal has genetically engineered bed bugs to pass along spider powers to anyone they bite, much like the original spider that bit Peter Parker He then spreads these bugs all over Manhattan, giving millions of people, good and bad, the ability to do pretty much everything Spider Man can do What follows is a continually escalating level of chaos that somehow manages to top itself at every turn Marvel crossovers at large could learn a lot from this one The central plot from Amazing Spider Man flows pretty seemlessly with the additional issues of Venom, and I never felt like I was missing anything There are a bunch of supplemental series and issues out there, which are not collected here, but I don t feel any need to read them, really Everything is here, minus maybe a couple of small details that are easily filled in The central part of a crossover should always be able to standalone the way this one does, and I applaud Slott and Remender for making it work here.In the end, though, Slott has to work pretty hard to resolve everything While the action and plot mostly build outward organically, the end is just a bunch of things falling perfectly into place, and then a bunch of other things falling seemingly out of the sky, until the day is saved This lazy plotting along with Slott s occasionally corny, old school dialogue took me out of it a little bit I got a little bored by the end, though I really enjoyed the first half or so So, not a perfect crossover by any means, but a pretty solid one that I d say is worth giving a shot It sure beats the others Marvels crapped out in recent years.

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    I m working my way through Dan Slott s run on Spider Man, and at this point I get his writing he just provides a fun, yet modern take on Spidey, still maintaining some of the hallmarks of early Spider Man such as the Parker luck and complicated lifestyle.Over time he has brought Peter through ups and down, situations where he really doesn t know what to do but somehow still saves everyone Spider Island is no different There are some nice moments in here for Peter, some genuinely funny ones, and a few that just didn t work so well Despite being a hardcore early Spider Man fan I do enjoy most of Slott s stories None of them have blown me away yet, but they almost always entertain me and that pretty much sums up how I felt about Spider Island.

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    Amazing One of my favourite Spider Man arcs, and probably my favourite Dan Slott Spider Man story so far.

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    This is awesome The outbreak of spider powers among all of Manhattan sounds trite, but the way it evolves and gets out of control and the way people just naturally want to keep the newfound powers leaves me actually interested in how the smart guys will solve this crisis.Jameson s reactions are exactly how I ve always imagined he d respond terrified, belligerent, lashing out just the way we like old flat top.Other than a few klangy lines to introduce people s names, Slott s writing is a great balance of fun, funny, serious and gravitas Everyone feels like a full character especially the Jackal, who s a nutjob but a loveably unique one And for a story with so many subplots, Slott does a much better job than most Marvel events at keeping things balanced among the stories letting them all build together and still making sense not feeling like there s essential off camera action that is getting skipped over Perhaps this is the way to run an event let one creative team run the main throughline, and leave the the other teams to fill in the side dishes.Ramos art is great for this it s clean and easy to follow the voluminous action, and it s fun and light in ways that a Deodato or other realistic artists would really sour and darken this already tough to swallow plot The Venom story is of what Remender and Fowler have been doing in the Venom book so far muddy ink heavy dark art that makes it very hard to understand the movements during the fight scenes, brutally heart wrenching character pounding on Flash who deals with his dying father and the amazingly awful childhood he endured, plus being pulled away from Betty in impossible to account for circumstances all while trying to deal with these deadly threats as the Venom agent.

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    Recently, I really enjoyed Spider Man in the Daredevil Punisher crossover story I had been holding off on Spider Man Spider Island, but I figured it would be time to give it a chance I didn t love it, though It started well, and it had its moments The final rooftop scene with Pete, Julia, and MJ was a highlight But it just all felt so silly and rushed Peter s not bad here, though I struggled to put up with him after a few issues worth of story Slott s laying on the joking so heavily Also, apparently Peter Parker is now a junior Reed Tony, able to invent just about any magic gadget for the situation I am sure Slott feels it s a logical progression for the character, who has always been a bit of a science whiz, but for me it just feels OFF It makes him into a kind of Gary Stu.Carlie s a horrible character She reminded me of Bones we re constantly told how smart and clever and all around awesome she is Tiresome And Norah Winters was just too teenybopper this is not the kick butt Lois Lane from Rucka s Punisher.I think what hurt both of these characters and most of the story was the cartoony artwork I see what they wanted A whimsical, almost anime feel I just found it to be too stylized, and it ultimately became a distraction I could overlook the lack of substance and the messiness because it was just not fun enough for me I think I had better stick with Essential Amazing Spider Man, Vol 3 or some of the Masterworks A lot of folks really dug it, but this one is not for me.

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