The Granny Square Book

The Granny Square Book Granny Squares Are To Crochet What Pieced Squares Are To Quilting They Originated With Pioneer Women Using Up Precious Scraps Of Yarn To Make Blankets For Their Families, And Over The Years, Many Recognized, Named Patterns Have Been Handed Down From One Generation To The Next Beyond This Treasury OfDifferent Granny Square Motifs, Margaret Hubert Shows The Evolution Of The Granny Square, How It Can Be Used And Interpreted In Different Ways With Different Yarns, And How Today S Crocheter Can Design Her Own Projects Using The Granny Squares Of Her Choice With The Yarn Choices Of Today Just As Margaret Learned From Her Grandmother And Mother And Then Passed The Skill Down To Her Daughter And Granddaughter, Each Generation Finds New Uses And Artistic Ways To Interpret Granny Squares This review is part of a series of reviews of books in my granny square collection For these reviews, the of granny squares refers to the number of patterns for squares that are crocheted in the round, not the total number of patterns in the book Summary An ode to the granny square, with 75 motif patterns and 25 projects using granny squares, along with tips for construction, design, and finishing touches Uses U.S pattern abbreviations for motifs and projects, and international stitch symbols for motifs of granny squares 74What I like The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat so you can read and crochet at the same time All motif patterns include both U.S pattern abbreviations and international stitch symbols The introduction includes reflections on the Hubert family s love of grannies, as well as personal quotes from other crochet designers about granny squares The Crochet Basics section includes descriptions with photos of crochet stitches including basics and special stitches , so the book is very beginner friendly This section also includes an overview of crochet pattern reading, multiple techniques for starting a motif adjustable loop, slip knot, and chain ring , joining and seaming working with multiple colors, and edgings This section includes plenty of text and also some step by step photos This chapter is something you can skip over and just dive into the patterns, but it includes the types of tips and tricks that can make your work lookpolished There are many really pretty floral themed grannies Three of the motif patterns include matching half square triangle patterns Each motif pattern includes a difficulty rating The project section includes some design tips and suggestions for graphing out project ideas.What I didn t like or what s missing Six motif 5 granny patterns were already included in The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, another book by Hubert published by Creative Publishing International There is a fair amount of overlap in content in the Crochet Basics section of this book and the Crochet Motif Workshop section of Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs The motif patterns are different enough to make it worthwhile to own both books, though Most of the swatches are made with mercerized cotton, and there is a lot of shine visible in the pictures The project patterns don t include international stitch symbols.Type Spiral bound hardcover book.Overall rating out of 5 stars 5 If you already own Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, remember that you will already have a lot of the same content, but different motif patterns. Lovely patterns in a smaller 6 size Lacy and mostly flat patterns, good for beginners. Wonderful Ideas I loved all the instructions and ideas to make beautiful items for my home It also has great gift ideas for family and friends. Such a bright and colorful and welcoming book I hesitated in purchasing this one simply because I tend to think of granny squares as only for blankets This one proves me wrong There are 75 separate squares and several easy and useful projects that are not just blankets The pictures are large, bright, and glossy The text easy to read and understand even for a moderate talent like myself I am sure that I will get a lot of use out of this one If I have one dislike it would be the construction of the book itself This is a spiral bound book with the heavy cardbord cover, while it lays flat for easy working I am afraid that with too much use the pages will start to tear at the spiral With the exception of this minor, or major depending on perspective,detail I look forward to working several of these projects up. A well organized, beautifully written and photographed compendium of granny square designs, with lots of possible options for making up your own variations, different sorts of yarns to try, etc The instructions are both charted and given inside each pattern, which is my favorite way of doing this There are 75 different squares shown, and then the last third of the book has patterns in which to use some of those squares All easy to follow, all written as though the reader crocheter actually has some brains, kwim Highly recommended, five stars In fact, I loved it so much, I bought a copy of my own and returned this copy to the library It s available on Kindle, not too expensive there, and although on my old kindle Generation 1 It s only black and white, it s good enough for my use I make far, far too many afghans ANYway siggggh and this ain t gonna help. Beautiful stuff, truly. I got this book for Christmas and it is a lovely addition to my other craft books It features the basic techniques and stitches required for crochet and also gives you 75 granny squares to try out The images are lovely and clear and the instructions are concise enough for beginners andexperienced crocheters Each square has a rating which lets you judge the difficulty and decide whether you want to go ahead and give it a try I love this book even though books with ring bound centres really batter my head, I will give it the benefit of the doubt but because of this silly little niggle I have with it I am only giving it four stars. This is a great crochet reference book, with a lot of variations on crocheted squares There are is a section with a glossary that explains any abbreviations used in a pattern, along with some info on US UK conversion, which makes it helpful to those newer to crocheting Plus, not only are there a lot of examples of squares outside of the traditional granny square 75 square patterns total , but there are other patterns for full projects too coasters, washcloths, collar decorations, shawls, cardigans A good craft reference book I LOVE this book and cannot wait to own it The squares are cute and have easy to follow patterns. Thumbs up I borrowed this one from the library I found it great for the level that I m at Instructions are written and visual super duper helpful for when the written part is too confusing A few patterns that I can see coming back to for bigger projects.

From her Ravelry Profile I have been knitting and crocheting forever I am a mother and grandmother, and a great grandmother I design, teach, and write books My first book was published in 1978, and I just completed my 19th book In addition to the books, I have 2 independently produced video s dvd s, and 3 self published entrelac crochet patterns My flicker name is MHDesigner I love it all I

[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Granny Square Book  By Margaret Hubert –
  • Spiral-bound
  • 176 pages
  • The Granny Square Book
  • Margaret Hubert
  • English
  • 25 August 2019
  • 9781589236387

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