Bad Behavior

Bad BehaviorGrant Madsen S Got Issues He S Still Battling His Mafia Family And Doing Everything Possible To Keep His Loved Ones Safe With The Cruising Season Coming To An End, He Has To Find Another Job Soon Or He Ll Rejoin His Father In Prison And He S Trying To Convince His Rebellious Teenage Nephew To Stay Away From Their Criminal Relatives You Can Imagine How That S Going But Worst Of All, Grant S Parole Officer Has Mandated That He Attend TherapyThe Only Saving Grace Is That They Re Couples Sessions With His Girlfriend, Sophie Taylor, A Fellow Parolee Who S Struggling With A Few Issues Of Her Own Sophie Desperately Hopes Her Past With Grant S Brother Won T Destroy Her Future With Him There S A Sleazy Professor At Work Who Revels In Sexually Harassing Women In The Psychology Department And Her Father Still Hates Grant Their Psychologist Has His Work Cut Out For HimWhen Grant S Ruthless Father Hints At A Plot To Get Out Of Prison, Grant Must Use Everything He S Learned In Therapy And Beyond To Try To Stop Him It S A Race Against Time And A Race To Rescue Sophie From The Mafia S Clutches Once Again But This Time McSailor And Bonnie Refuse To Play Victims This Time The Cuffs Are Coming Off In this sequel to With Good Behavior, Jennifer Lane takes us on an emotional journey of discovery and strength with her two main characters that left me wanting She proved once again why I love her writing.Picking up where WGB left off, Sophie and Grant continue their routines of going to work and parole meetings, only now they have to add couples counseling into the mix This won t be an easy task for either of them, especially since they are still learning about each other.Our favorite parolees both have to face things they never thought they d have to again, including an old professor of Sophie s and Grant s incarcerated father, relying on each other to make it through Even amidst the bad and difficult situations they have to face, good news is on the horizon, proving that they can make it together.Jennifer Lane maintained a beautiful mixture of humor and angst as she delved deeper into Sophie and Grant s story New nicknames, interesting twists, and difficult decisions are just a few of the things that Bonnie and McSailor have to face and that s not even the half of it.I fell for the sweet and sensitive Grant in With Good Behavior, but in this continuation he is even adorable and dream worthy Who doesn t want a strong and sensitive former Navy Sailor There were a few sensitive scenes that took place, and this is not for younger readers, but it s a story that s intrigued me from the very beginning And for one am already anxious for the conclusion to this series, On Best Behavior Jen has done a fantastic job dealing with the complicated emotions one has to face when being released from prison and I looked forward to reading anything else from her in the future. This sequel does NOT disappoint Bad Behavior takes off right where With Good Behavior ended Grant and Sophie are sharing an apartment and Sophie s big mouth has landed them in couple s counseling as a condition of their parole It s the aftermath of the dramatic climax of With Good Behavior and Grant and Sophie still have a lot to learn about each other and themselves We get to know them a little deeper by being a fly on the wall during their therapy sessions their strengths and weaknesses Two essentially good people with understandable imperfections, determined to maintain a healthy relationship with each other despite the past and the effect that it s had on each of them It s gratifying to watch the individuals, and couple, grow during the course of the book.There are familiar faces like Ben, Rog, Jerry, Marilyn, Joe, Will, Enzo, Angelo, Tank , Meat , Kirsten and Hunter new jobs careers interesting new characters and storylines and insidious people from the past who just won t let go Bad Behavior has some startling twists and turns that I did NOT see coming and I m usually pretty good at predicting these things As in With Good Behavior, Jennifer Lane s perceptive and entertaining writing style morphs into some pulse racing action as the book draws to a close.I loved the ending The storylines are satisfyingly resolved, yet it s also clear that Jennifer Lane has something clever up her sleeve for the third installment of The Conduct Series, On Best Behavior see the extract of On Best Behavior at the end of this book 5 stars I have loved this book so much I am almost speechless, and I had to take a break to collect my thoughts about it before doing a review It has so much excellent psychology in it, that it was a complete delight to read I have been riveted and intrigued about the characters journey from the fist page and the conclusion was great.I have read countless case studies books from prominent psychotherapists, and this is often a favourite way of expanding my understanding of a particular psychotherapeutic model that I may not necessarily have the chance of practising myself often This is typically done by the author using composites of several different real clients in order to illustrate different therapeutic dilemmas, techniques, or universally relevant or interesting life struggles But this is the very first time that I had the enormous pleasure to read about detailed therapy encounters in a fiction book, with a fictional therapist, and fictional clients I think that the format of the book is specifically inspired and astute every other chapter in the book happens in the therapy room with Grant and Sophie s talking to their therapist, Dr Hunter This way, the other chapters allow us a glimpse of the couple s interaction with the world at large, which moves the story along, and the therapy chapters present the couple s increasing disclosure and therefore increasing intimacy with each other The character growth is portrayed in this way beautifully albeit often painfully There have been so many moments portraying difficult emotions in the book, and doing it so well, so skilfully and sympathetically, that I ve found myself reading while holding my breath on occasion, and completely overcome with empathy for the characters This to me, is the yardstick of excellent fiction, and the author has gifted us with an excellent book.I have loved Dr Hunter Hayes all throughout his therapy sessions with Grant and Sophie and by the way, isn t that an awesome name or what HH What a brilliant, insightful and kind man He has been portrayed as self reflective and compassionate, but also at times, struggling with his own issues, which did remind me of The Myth of the Untroubled Therapist , by Marie Adams Hunter is not perfect by any means, and I found myself quite horrified when he makes a gross assumption about Grant and Sophie as they appeared dishevelled on their last session and with Grant sporting bandaged wrists I thought that was quite a careless remark, but it was also welcome and inspirational not sure if it was intentionally done by the author or not It showed that Hunter is no superman, which is reassuring He is just a very good therapist, but still human, and therefore flawed, just like all of us It is impossible to be on your 100% best therapist ever mode all the time And the plot twist of having him experiencing a crush on Grant was priceless Just priceless I always thought that the middle book in a trilogy must be really hard to write suspense and interest have to be maintained, the character s journey must continue to be interesting to follow and we have to still care about them as fully formed human beings In this way, Grant and Sophie don t disappoint In fact, Jennifer Lane has made them even likeable and complex Oh, my How they both struggle to become better people The author has also done a fantastic job portraying therapists s dilemmas Even though this is not the theme of the book, and I am sure that many readers might have been oblivious to the significance of this aspect, reading about Dr Hayes s concerns about ethical boundaries has exponentially increased my enjoyment of the book A number of typical and serious dilemmas in therapy are presented whether to take up a couple for therapy or not, if one of them had been seen previously in individual therapy what to do to move on from the embarrassing situation of bumping into your clients in public how to manage an unintentional breach of confidentiality as when Sophie, through her previous knowledge of Logan knew a lot of things about Grant s childhood, and had told Hunter about it, but Grant might not have been ready to disclose dealing with countertransference..All these issues have been discussed realistically and I have enjoyed reading about them tremendously Grant and Sophie s interactions while sitting on Dr Hayes couch were beautifully written, hence a joy to read Even at times, it feels like not only Hunter but Sophie too are doing therapy on Grant poor darling at the same time, which I imagine is unavoidable as once a therapist, always a therapist But Sophie also had her own personal growth journey to travel, and she does accomplish this through her love of her BF Most enjoyable book After so much intrigue and action, I wonder what the third book will add, but I am already quite intrigued and excited about therapy sessions with a cantankerous teenager Dr Hayes is having his work cut out for him I m simply having the best time reading Jennifer Lane s Conduct Series My reading time is so limited and for me to commit to an entire series, it has got to be a great read.I loved the first book in this series, With Good Behavior The two main characters, Sophie Taylor a psychologist and Grant Madsen a Navy man , are both paroled from prison They re two good people who should have never been in prison, but for two very different reasons, both courtesy of the Barbieri crime family Grant s family , they each served time They meet in their parole officer s waiting room and the story takes off from there.Lane has done a terrific job in moving seamlessly from With Good Behavior to Bad Behavior In this second novel, she writes just enough to remind the reader what they read in the first novel or to initiate a reader who hasn t read the first book As in most series, they re better enjoyed if you read all books, but this book would be very readable on its own.The characters are well defined, and the story is well paced and always on the move from one place to another Something is always happening both with the emotional growth of the characters as well as the action I m quite interested in psychology, so I was not only pulled in by the story, but I learned about the psychology via the two characters who are clinical practitioners And yes, I already have a copy of the last book in the series It s official I LOVE THIS SERIES And the sequel is even better I loved so many things about this series particularly the characters Aside from our Bonnie and McSailor p, I love Rog, Joe, Jerry and Benny They re hilarious And I love Hunter But the one thing I love the MOST about this series is that the author nailed ALL the psychological stuff Which of course doesn t surprise me because Jennifer Lane is also a psychologist The entire time I was reading this book, I can t remember how many times I told myself that psychologists in training like myself , should read the series I learned a lot from all the therapy scenes and from Sophie This series gives a really good insight to the practice Not to mention, a good review in theories of personality As I ve said in one of my status updates, the discussion about Carl Rogers was so spot on and that alone already deserves 5 stars Although, I m kinda biased because I have always preferred the humanistic approach in psychotherapy 0 I would certainly recommend this series to my psych friends, and perhaps, even though I don t think it s probable if ever I d get to teach a Psychotherapy class, I would even recommend this to my students HOWEVER, let me assure you that even though you don t have a background in psychology, you will still enjoy this series I found myself laughing so many times throughout the series and at times, I felt so moved that I found myself wiping my tears Just read the other reviews if I m not convincing enough I can t wait for the 3rd book And, I m glad that this one didn t end in a cliffhanger Though I m really looking forward to read about Bonnie and McSailor 0 At last A romance that continues AFTER the couple falls in love Placing value on a HEALTHY relationship, no less So many heroines these days completely lose themselves when they meet their other half want to die if they part as if that were romantic.I didn t realize how much I missed Grant, Sophie and the eclectic bunch of side characters until I delved into book number 2 of this series Bad Behavior picks up where With Good Behavior left off and takes the reader on a journey adventure of its own The reader gains keener insights into the characters, in particular Grant, Sophie and Ben At times it was heartbreaking the realities and effects of child abuse, long into the victim s adult years Yet the story also shows that the past CAN be overcome so scratch what I said before, it s the survivor s adult years With Good Behavior reveals WHY Grant and Sophie are the people, in the position, that they are today, while Bad Behavior realistically portrays HOW they can change their fate shape a better future for themselves It isn t easy Bad Behavior is a highly entertaining novel Unique storylines and a couple of intelligent twists kept my rapt attention I love the very fluid way in which the story and subplots continue to unfold in this series I am heavily invested in the characters. Sophie and Grant are the perfectly imperfect couple Or is it imperfectly perfect Either way, they are captivating together They both come into the relationship slightly damaged and with lots of baggage As they work through their issues in couple therapy, we see their vulnerabilities and their strengths.I loved the tidbits of psychology sprinkled throughout There are scenes here that many people, single and married, will be able to relate to on various levels While the heart of this story is romance, there is plenty of suspense and intrigue to keep things interesting Grant s criminal family isn t about to let him go too easily.Bad Behavior is the second book in Lane s CONduct series and picks up where With Good Behavior left off While this one could be read as a stand alone, I d suggest starting with the first book in order to get a full understanding of Sophie and Grant s relationship. This sequel to Good Behavior was amazing This book takes the reader on the journey of two people Sexy McSailor Grant and his Bonnie Lass who gets to ride the McSailor Ship Sophie ended in the first book They start off two people who have gone through so much and who are in love with each other but this book takes it that much farther You get to examine, feel and experience what are the sum of the parts of these two people whose marks of the past taint their present and can destory their future They are required to go to therapy sessions as a condition of their parole which they make as couple therapy which Grant is not too thrilled about but with the threat of going back to prison there is no other option But with the issues from the first book added to the scars that were inflicted from their pasts you share in their journey to self exploration and rediscovery in understanding what helped them get to the place that they are and they way they have dealt with things so far This book doesnt hold back on the intensity or heartache when these two people as they, with the aid of Dr hunter, find out about themselves and their pasts which have some similairites but in other ways vastly different Their journey together starts off shakey and down right painful nearly destroying themselves from what they find and how they handle the pain but they are determined to stay the course They have bumps in the road and nothing is ever simple with this couple but something worth it is never easy This book is a fabulous, intricate, sexy and another suspenseful story with twists and turns that you never expect You get to see what makes these people tick and how the sum of their battered parts lead them down their paths to probation and how it affected every part of their lives You come to see the beauty of these characters and even though the Mafia never can ever leave these two alone you see why they should be together and you fight right along with them to stay together.Long Live the McSalior Lovin Boat Tours I cant wait for book 3 I can t wait for this to be released Just one week DI bought it as soon as it came out and devoured it quickly.

Psychologist author psycho author Jennifer Lane invites you to her world of romance, sports, and suspense By day she s a therapist, and by night she s a writer She can t decide which is fun Jen s most recent novel is psychological thriller, Twin Sacrifice Psychologist Matthew Durante risks his own life to save his twin brother s as their foster father tries to take them down.Jen loves t

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