Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1: Power and Responsibility

Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1: Power and ResponsibilitySaddle up, buckaroos it s another re telling of the Petey Parker Spider Pants origin story Brian Bendyman goes through the well worn checklist nerdy bully magnet Peter gets bit by a magic spider, gets superpowers, doesn t use them to stop crime, loses his Uncle Ben the non rice guy , and learns that With Great Blahblah Comes Blah Blahblah And then decides to punch Norman Osborn who s transformed himself into the Green Wheelie Bin While Bendis writing and Mark Bagley s art are both fine, there s not a whole lot here to hold the attention of someone like me who saw the first Sam Raimi Spider Pants movie gawd knows how many times, not to mention read multiple versions of the origin in the comics I didn t think much of Bagley s Uncle Ben, who s got a naff ponytail for some reason, and his Green Goblin is ridonkulously roided out so he looks like the Hulk villain Abomination And, while this isn t really Bendis problem, the way everything slots into place, from Peter getting the outfit to the webbing fluid that his dad just happened to be working on before he disappeared, was all too damn eye rollingly convenient Ultimate Spider Man, Volume 1 Power and Responsibility isn t a bad comic by any means, it s just a book of table setting that I was already over familiar with to be too enamoured by It s a fine jumping on point for new readers though or anyone looking for an accessible and fairly entertaining, if by the numbers, version of the Spidey origin I m glad I finally read this one but I m a heading back to Miles Morales Ultimate Spider Man whose story I find much interesting than Peter s same old, same old. Book Info This collection contains Ultimate Spider Man issues 1 7.Other Useful Reviews Sesana s review and Nicole s reviewABSOLUTE RATING 3.5 5 stars Rounded Up STANDARDIZED RATING 4 5 stars I was selfish So selfish, and you paid the price You did I did Aunt May did I will never ever forgive myself for that I will never ever forget that I could have stopped it You were right with power comes responsibility Absolutely For some reason I ve been given great power And with great power then must come great responsibility I will never let you down again, Uncle Ben. Spider ManOrphaned by his parents many years before, Peter Parker lives with his loving Aunt May and Uncle Ben in a quiet, suburban neighborhood in Queens A 15 year old high school science whiz and book nerd, Peter is mercilessly harassed by the popular kids at school, and has silently internalized his status as helpless victim One day, while on a field trip to Osborn Industries i.e a very well known bioengineering corporation , Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider that has escaped containment In the days following this incident, Peter finds that he has gained numerous spider like abilities including super strength, tactile cohesion, enhanced agility perception, and a spider sense which instantly alerts him to impending danger Struggling to rationalize what has evidently become his new reality, Peter suddenly finds himself fighting in school, skipping class, and failing his courses, all the while lying to his Aunt and Uncle about why he s been acting so strangely Meanwhile, Norman Osborn Osborn Industries power hungry CEO catches wind of Peter s situation, and starts to organize a plot to use the boy to satisfy his own sinister ambitions.For me, there has always been something about Peter Parker and his cycle of problems that struck me as just a little bit too overdramatic At the heart of it all is his precarious financial situation, which has put a perpetual strain on his marriage and other aspects of his life I never really understood why, for instance, he refrained from using his superhero connections to land him reliable, flexible, and well paying employment If not for him, you d think he d do it to provide for Mary Jane or his Aunt May Besides, I wouldn t call it dishonest or unfair if he secures a position that even marginally reflects his extensive qualifications for once, especially considering all he sacrifices regularly for the greater good But with Ultimate Spider Man, however, Bendis is able to exploit the character s age and youthful uncertainty to make these struggles believable Plus, he manages to convincingly match Peter s carelessly flippant personality to a Spider Man that should very understandably be less composed or jaded by the harsh realities of the adult world.As a Spider Man book, and especially one written by Bendis, the humor here can be a bit relentless at times But for me, it s far appropriate here than, say, most of his Avengers books where the stakes are higher and the characters ought to be mature but aren t So as you might expect, Spider Man spews a constant stream of playful taunts and quips while on the job Some are funny than others, but thankfully none of them cross the line into being painfully cheesy an apparently very easy thing to happen when it comes to YA superhero books ex Invincible or Batgirl At its worst, there are a few relatively sparse moments in Peter s high school where I had to endure some trivial adolescent banter, and this was probably my least favorite aspect of the book.Other than the humor, Bendis characteristically energetic writing style which is moderately toned down here lends itself very well to capturing the insecure and volatile emotional state Peter navigates throughout the story As responsible and level headed a kid as Peter clearly is, he s faced with a profound challenge, and the semi linear thought processes and impulsive decisions he makes during the course of this ordeal seem quite credible And I love that Bendis never veers too far from the good kid Peter truly is deep down, and constantly shows his ambivalence about the power and popularity his newfound abilities have granted him All the while, his Aunt and Uncle, who are struggling financially, manage to balance their frustration with immense support and understanding toward Peter, even after he nearly gets the family sued for accidentally breaking a classmate s hand during a fight Even secondary characters like Flash Thompson and Kong, who were once Peter s main tormentors, somewhat defy their stereotypical high school bully archetype, and their relationship with Peter gradually evolves.Just skimming some of the reviews, I see a lot of reviewers complain about the book s artwork It s strange to think that there was a time when I would have listed Bagley as one of my top five comic artists, considering that I now find his style merely decent In my opinion some of his best moments are the ones where he s depicting expressions of fear, sadness, and concern on his character s faces But probably the best thing I could say about his style is that he s somehow able to draw the perfect Spider Man I ve seen a couple artists come close, and perhaps a few match it, but never have I seen anyone exceed it And during fight scenes, the guy s talent really shines, and actually puts some of the artwork surrounding these segments to shame So though it doesn t seem quite as impressive as I remember it, I think Mark Bagley s work will always inhabit a special place in my heart.Overall, this was a strong first volume to a series that I recall gets better during the later volumes My only complaint is that it started off a bit slow which explains the half star reduction , and well written though it was, it wasn t classic or poignant enough to entirely compensate for that This was a series I ve been meaning to revisit for a while now in a limited capacity, but I m suddenly a little motivated to go right through from beginning to end Guess I ll have to put off Ultimate Comics Spider Man a bit longer than I had hopedPostscript When Peter first comes face to face with the Green Goblin during the second half of the story, this is what happens WITHOUT spoilers The gap between this confrontation and his superhero debut seems something like a matter of a few weeks This period occurs between issues, and there really was no reason I could to assume Peter has faced anything even close to that before So although he later attributes his teasing as a mask to conceal his fear, I don t quite buy his outward display of bravado you ask me, that kid should have pissed his pants right there and then This second point is probably just me being nitpicky again, but as a pivotal moment is Spider Man lore, I d ask that you just hear me out Take a look below While it s true that Peter could very easily have stopped this robber well before he ultimately got to Uncle Ben, there is no reason whatsoever for that storeowner to have expected what outwardly looks like an ordinary teenage boy to jeopardize his safety to foil a petty crime that doesn t directly concern him such an obligation would very greatly exceed the level of civic duty, and cross far into selfless heroism Now I m not so sure how this scene was handled in previous incarnations or in the 2002 movie, but if it too was like this, then that alone is no good excuse to perpetuate that mistake But maybe that s just me. I am not a big fan of the Ultimate line It seems like, for most of them, the writers decide to push for edgy , and just end up writing a lot of painfully unsympathetic people acting horribly to everybody around them until they happen to save the world Frankly, it s kind of boring to read, when it isn t irritating Bendis went a totally different route with Peter Parker He wrote just wrote a modern Spider Man Which means that Peter isn t an insufferably arrogant jerk for no reason, he s a kid with a good heart who can still make serious and hurtful mistakes And that is what makes Ultimate Spider Man a compelling read It helps that Bendis executes really, really well I love that he takes him time getting to the inevitable Uncle Ben s death, of course so we can get a real attachment to these characters before the bottom falls out from under them This trade could really be subtitled Exposition , because there s far setup than action That s fine There s a lot to setup here Honestly, I m wondering now why I never persisted in reading Ultimate Spider Man past the first five or six trades Time to fix that. Loved the art The Green Goblin actually looked pretty scary I m used to seeing his skinny version, so it was kinda shocking to see him as a hulking monster It was a good shock, though Peter wasn t quite as snarky and funny as he usually is at first, but by the end some of the old humor was back It s a good thing, too Spidey s sense Get it Spidey sense of humor was always the best thing about the comic, to me anyway.Uncle Ben as a hippie Still not sure about that one.All in all, I liked it Introduction I have been growing up with Spider Man ever since I was a child and so far, the only comic I had read from the Spider Man series was The Amazing Spider Man Origin of the Hobgoblin which I did enjoyed Now, I had stumbled upon the Marvel Ultimate Universe and after I read Mark Millar s run on Ultimate X Men and kept hearing so many good things on this run, I decided to give Brian Michael Bendis run on Ultimate Spider Man a chance Now at first, I was a little hesitant to read this volume because since I had only read one comic from the original Spider Man series, I felt that I need to be informed on how the origins of the original Spider Man went before I actually read a remake on this series However, after I read this volume, I was so happy and satisfied with the results, with or without the original origin stories What is this story about In this volume, Peter Parker was your average school nerd who is constantly picked on by the popular kids, including Flash Thompson and yet is best friends with Mary Jane One day however, when the students ended up going on a school field trip to the Osborn Industries Inc., Peter ends up being bitten by a radioactive spider and he slowly starts to develop powers and a boost of confidence that he never had before While Peter is enjoying his new powers, he will soon realize that Harry Osborn is up to no good What I loved about this story Brian Michael Bendis and Bill Jemas writing Now from my understanding of the Ultimate Universe, it is supposed to be a remake of the original Marvel Universe and after I immensely enjoyed Mark Millar s revised stories of Ultimate X Men, I started reading Ultimate Spider Man Power and Responsibility and getting the same results Brian Michael Bendis writing might feel a bit clunky at times, but I really loved the way that we are able to get inside Peter Parker s head when he started experiencing the spider powers and how he tries to improve on his powers I also liked the fact that Brian Michael Bendis kept some of the concepts from the original Spider Man origin Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider and his relationship with Uncle Ben and Aunt May , but is able to reinvent this origin into a modern day setting, which I found pretty impressive I also liked the relationship between Peter and Mary Jane as they just start out as friends in this version and I liked the banter between them as it was hilarious and heartwarming at the same time I liked the way that Brian Michael Bendis made us really sympathize with Peter Parker as he is constantly being bullied, while at the same time is trying to find his place in the world, which really brought so much depth to this story.Mark Bagley s artwork Mark Bagley s artwork is truly unique to me since the characters expressions and bodily structures are extremely different from any other artwork I have seen from other comic books I loved the way that Mark Bagley made the characters glow on each page as it made the images so beautiful to look at and it really brought out the intensity of the situations There were times however, where the characters teeth seem to show up too much on each panel and I was wondering to myself about why the characters are smiling so much, but it did not totally distract me from the story What made me feel uncomfortable about this story The only problem with this comic is that there is some language and violence in this volume, although it is pretty toned down and it is not at all graphic or strong, so young teens should be able to handle this volume Final Thoughts Overall, Ultimate Spider Man Power and Responsibility is a fantastic introductory volume for anyone who wants to read an alternative version of Spider Man I will admit that diving into the Ultimate universe of Spider Man was really new and a bit weird for me, but this volume greatly set up the characters and you will definitely not be disappointed Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Who needs a good reason for a re read of some of the most fun comics in history Not this guy Well, maybe a little kick in the pants I m in the middle of devouring the tolerable chunk of Hickman s Secret Wars and it s tie ins and I needed a break lo and behold, the r MUBookClub subreddit called for a reading of the first 13 issues of this amazing series Who am I to argue with Internet Authority Spoilers ahead, for anyone who has been living in a cave for the last 50 years But still Bendis does an amazing job right out of the gate in establishing a relatable Peter Parker pre spider bite Still downtrodden And yet not completely outcast from the decent of characters in Spidey mythology Not to mention giving MJ a brain from the get go nice touch, Mr 21st Century Comics Dude Bendis has a few encounters with some rather forced teen speak ooof And Bagley hadn t immediately embraced the modern Aunt May look But they re also doing a great job helping to explain where all the science wizardry came from for a teenaged high schooler There s the obligatory spider bite Peter, meet the source of all your misery for the rest of your life Misery, meet Peter, your new favourite victim And the semi obligatory Norman Osborn is a nefarious agent who knows too much about Parker revelation Norman likes when kids get attacked by science experiments What s most enjoyable though is the easy, adult relationship between Aunt May and Uncle Ben They re just such a blast to hang around like the kind of parents everyone wishes they had Centred, sense of humour, assertive and caring Like the decent parents some of us have been lucky to have I can t really complain , but a little It hurts to get to know May and Ben this well, knowing what Fate has to do to Ben Which makes it hard to blaze through this first book kinda notice I keep setting it aside, like I don t want that bullet to be shot It doesn t hurt to be having revelatory fun with Peter as he discovers his powers And it s pretty cool to meet future villains in off the cuff ways He s a genius lackey of Osborn because that always plays out fine with Otto And other future antagonists And see the first super powers battle of his career unfold image error Popular Ebook, Ultimate Spider Man, Volume 1 Power And Responsibility By Brian Michael Bendis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ultimate Spider Man, Volume 1 Power And Responsibility, Essay By Brian Michael Bendis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You 3.0 stars Good, solid re imagining and updating of the Spider man character that I thought was pretty well done With all of the inconsistencies and conundrums that developed over the four decades of Spidey s comic career, it is nice to be able to say, hey let s start fresh for a new generation of readers Recommended. I like a good origin story I m very much into knowing why And this is a very good reboot of the Spider Man origin story, taking us back to when Peter Parker was 15 The writer does a good job of updating the story for the 21st century while including all the elements Spidey fans expect.Peter Parker has long been one of my favourite characters He s proof that good doesn t have to be boring I like him and sympathise with him I cringe when he gets picked on He s the kind of guy I would ve wanted for a lab partner, friend, and or boyfriend.There s an impressive emotional complexity to the story, the highs and lows and stuff in between.There s also some really good sarcastic dialogue you can t have Peter Parker Spider Man without some wisecracks and a little homage to Ferris Bueller s Day Off that made me snicker.It was an interesting idea to make Uncle Ben an old hippie Aunt May is pretty much the same as always although this version has her threatening to look up social anxiety disorder online in an effort to figure out what s wrong with her nephew.The depiction of Mary Jane as smart and kind is in line with how I remember her from the daily series I read in the newspaper as a kid, as well as the Marvel Civil War incarnation The art is very nice for the most part, the highly detailed sort of style that I appreciate Peter is cute sometimes a little too emo looking especially his hair , but that does mesh with 21st century fashion.I will definitely get the next volume. Oooooo pretty colours and Peter sass, what can a girl ask

A comic book writer and erstwhile artist He has won critical acclaim including five Eisner Awards and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics For over eight years Bendis s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot

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