The Redemption of Ajax

The Redemption of AjaxThis book was given to me by the publisher through netgalley You can also find this review on my blog Cait s Corner So, Mephisto Covenant Sounds like it would be a good book, right A nice enough premise, seems as though the author actually did some research and, from the plot, it looks like he actually has towinher love, instead of it being the common YA insta love It s going to be fabulous Bhahahaha whooo I love that picture But anywaysIt WasTerrible Let me start with some of the horrible logic and conclusions you re supposed to make while reading this book This is one of the most confusing books I ve ever had the displeasure to read Let me just start with the sheer amount of fuckery with the first three chapters, here In the fist ten pages you get one of the hugest info dumps I ve ever read about the Mephistos and Anabos Even Sasha had to get her mind wiped in order to keep from having some sort of seizure or epileptic fit because Jax decides to throw a shit ton of, well, practically shit in her face the first time he ever met her Just as a hint, hint to future authors out there, prettypleasedon t do this Build it up so that we re only getting a little at a time throwing it at us like Faegen did ruins the suspense While we re on the topic of mind wiping, can I just say that this is what almost immediately put me off about Jax He seriously needed to get some self restraint The dude s over one thousand years old, you would think that he d be able to control himself and not blab his and hers life storytwice,each time trying to erase her memory of it, although the second time it didn t work because they shared spit wait What did I just say Because they shared somesalivaduring a make out sesh she was suddenly irresistible to a mind wipe And oh, wait it gets even better Due to Jax doing a little bit of spit donating, Sasha also becomes incredibly strong, is able to move to things telepathically, and is suddenly a kick ass ninja I m sorry, but my poor brain just can t process that idea very well maybe it s because I ve never heard of it before, ever, or that it s just plain dumb and looks like an easy out than something actually plausible Probably the latter.Sothat show wonder woman came to be it was just Lois Lane makkin with Superman rolls eyes Another part of the saliva debacle was that during what was practically the whole book Jax didn t kiss her because part of the magical powers of someone else s spittle was that it would make Sasha able to become angry and feel strong emotions She s pretty much been a kicked puppy all her life, and that s how Jax wants her to stay I have a question What s wrong with getting angry What s wrong with feeling mad and needing justification after someone s done you wrong, and has done things like rip your room to shreds, spread a rumor like, oh, I don t know saying that at your previous school you had send nude pictures to everyone, that your mom was a Russian whore, deleting all of your college applications, and trying to freaking rape you I ll tell you nothing The only time I actuallylikedSasha was when she got mad and really took some revenge out on who did her wrong which was pretty much the whole freaking town I absolutely hated when she was trying not to be a bother And she has an automatic ticket to Heaven no matter what she does even if she becomes Mephisto and has emotions, so who really gives a flying fuck She could get angry, kill everyone on the planet, shoot all the fluffy bunnies around the world, and blow up the Earth, and when she dies, as far as we know as the readers she dstillgo to Heaven So, literally, why the hell is Jax freaking out about it Everyone else on the entire planet gets angry, and for the most part they can control themselves, so what s so wrong with Sasha just being able to stand up for herself Ugh I just didn t understand it at all Oh, noes, my little girl is angry What tall, dark, and clueless man has been making out with my daughter and making her actually have feelings Just a lot of the logic in this book makes little to no sense and, if you can t tell, it detractedconsiderablyfrom the book as a whole One last example before I get to the Twimitation shivers is how everyone else hates Sasha because they can supposedly sense, in some inner part of themselves, that she s Anabo Even people that she helps at her old school, some of whom she saves from bullies, hate her guts because they can somehow tell that she slightly glows and can t get angry If someone saved me from a beating or a verbal shouting match I wouldn t feel like, afterwards, that I had to stone her to death because she glows yes, that actually happens in the book, people People just aren t like that,at alland to portray us as such is kind of like an insult to the human character I at least like to think that people are capable of a greater good than that.And now we get to the dreaded Twimitation part of the review the biggest turnoff for me of this book, ever I swear that she literally stole the words right out of Meyer s mouth, and she did ittwiceHere s the first quote I should let you go and walk away His lips traveled across her face, kissing her forehead, her nose, her temples Yes, you should She didnt Me please don t let it happen again, pleaseeeee He moved his head so that his lips were close to her ear Run from me, Sasha If you can do it, run like hell and don t come back My breath came out in short little gasps I don t want to run Me AHHHHHHH NOOOOO IT BURNS THE EDWARD AND BELLA IT BURNS Why oh why ohwhydid she have to do that to the both of them as characters I mean she pretty much turned them into Bella and Edward except Edward, the poser, only wished he could be demon spawn, Jax is actually the real thing, so that makes it better, right And Sasha gasping all the time and not running away from what isclearlya dangerous guy situation doesn t make her like Bella, because she actually rejected him I can tell that Faegen was trying to break away from that mould by having Bella Sasha reject Edward Jax at first instead of having total insta love, but it was basically pointless, because that s basically what it was Every other page Sasha was obsessing over Jax, all the while denying him to help her out in order to keep up with the illusion in her head that she was rejecting him She was trying to defend and lookout for herself but in many cases that s not what she was doing at all, which is what scares me for impressionable people that read this book Especially in one scene where a guy comes over and he starts putting his hand all the way up her skirt, grabs her boobs, and is basically sexually molesting herin the middle of fucking lunchAnd she just sits there, cries quietly, and lets him do it because she doesn t want to attract attention Even just typing that makes my blood boil That is not, and never will be okay EVER I m going to send out a PSA right now and say that if a guyeverdoes that during lunch, or anywhere, you do NOT sit there and quietly cry You scream bloody murder and hit that motherfucker so hard in the balls he ll be sterile for the rest of his pathetic life And in that same scene, Faegen also writes that no one notices, and if they do, they ignore it, because the rumor of her being a slut is still going around That is such bullshit I m almost speechless Even if a girl at my school had a reputation as a whore if a guy came up to her and you couldseewhere his hands were and she was crying, I know probably half of my student body would go pummel that guy to the ground, especially if it was in such a public place as a freaking cafeteria Sigh I m so sick and tired of this book.The only thing I liked about this book was the sex scene Yes, a YA author finally got the balls to write a descriptive sex scene, thank God There has only been one other YA book that I ve read that has even mentioned the two love interests doing the deed is The Iron Queen which is a lot better than Mephisto Covenant, by the way, and Kagawa wasn t nearly as descriptive about it as Faegen was So, if you want one decent sex scene, read about 300 pages of shit and you ll get there The only people I would suggest this book to is other reviewer to fuel up their snark, but, besides that, I would never suggest this book to anyone this book doesn t deserve to be enjoyed by anyone And now, I m left with my simmering feelings and no one to understand me sobs This book will be popular It has a great hook and an interesting mythology and the same utterly devoted overprotective and totally into her but with iron self control romance dynamic that Twilight fans like so much.That said, I couldn t get through it It made Twilight s 1950s gender dynamics, abusive relationship parallels, and sexual innocence is a girl s most precious belonging undertones seem subtle in comparison Sex with a Mephisto sons of a fallen angel who are sorta good working for redemption but plagued by all these dark thoughts and temptations will literally mark Sasha, who, given that as an Anabo she has no internal conflict or temptation towards selfishness evil whatnot, is actually kind of boringly perfect Once they kiss, she starts to experience actual physiological changes that include a sudden susceptibility to things like anger and hatred Another issue Jax actually wipes her memory after their first meeting so that he will have a better chance of wooing her in a normal non supernatural context before dumping all the fallen angel predestined relationship crap on her Given that she unlike Jax has a choice about the relationship, this strikes me as incredibly manipulative and not at all fair.And the writing so much infodumping So much overstatement When Sasha finds out a secret about her parentage, she spends several pages being upset and laying out in detail why she is upset In the next scene, Jax proceeds to explain to the reader his understanding of why she is upset We have already been through this, and it shouldn t have taken so long in the first place Everything is told and not shown Jax is supposed to be hot because he looks dangerous in a pretty way and is thoughtful and understanding and imprinted on the heroine There s some angst about being immortal and exiled from heaven, but it s not very well developed and there are a lot of mythology backflips performed to make all the angst and misunderstandings make any narrative sense and even then they often don t.Anyway That was a rant It was the creepy gendered power dynamics that tipped me over the edge, but I could have read past them if the rest of the book had been fun and smooth Instead, I found it unfinishable.In summary, for better or worse, this out Twilights Twilight It is Twilight with angels and less subtle moralizing It is a book that makes me use Twilight and subtle in the same sentence If there was a even a trace of an idea you didn t like in Twilight, you won t like this But if you unconditionally and unironically loved Twilight, by all means, dive in. For everyone who thinks I ve lost my mind liking this book, here s a little message Okay, I m kidding I m kidding Jeez.In and of itself, The Mephisto Covenant is a straight up young adult paranormal romance targeting older teens view spoiler There s sex Real, honest to goodness S.E.X Okay it s a little weird that I m so excited about this, but heck, it is a YA book hide spoiler PLEASE NOTE This is a DNF did not finish review For those of you concerned, I quit at the 100 page mark Also, this is all spoilery, so you have been warned.I tried with The Mephisto Covenant, honestly, I did But it was clear to me really early on that this was not the book for me, and unlike Carrier of the Mark which I also realized early on was not the book for me , I didn t find anything in it that compelled me to keep reading Find out why HERE. Sasha Is Desperate To Find Out Who Murdered Her Father When Getting The Answer Means Pledging Her Soul To Eryx, She Unlocks A Secret That Puts Her In Grave Danger She Is An Anabo, A Daughter Of Eve, And Eryx S Biggest ThreatA Son Of Hell, Immortal, And Bound To Earth Forever, Jax Looks For Redemption In The Mephisto Covenant God S Promise He Will Find Peace In The Love Of An Anabo After A Thousand Years, He S Finally Found The Girl He S Been Searching For SashaWith The Threat Of Eryx Always Looming, Jax Knows He Has To Keep Sasha Safe And Win Her Over But Can He Will Sasha Love Him And Give Up Her Mortal Life The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen is the first book of a new paranormal series about a group of sons of Hell and their hope for redemption through the Anabo daughters of Eve More specifically, the brother named Jax meets Sasha, who turns out to be his Anabo Attraction and complications ensue, and the even evil than the sons of Hell bad guys come out to play.Even though I m sure I ll go on for longer than this, my review can basically be summed up into one sentence My belief is that if Stephenie Meyer was a porn star instead of a Mormon, this is the book she would have written Of course, she also would have had to have had her Eureka dream about Hell boys frolicking through a meadow instead of sparkly vampires, but I digress Sasha meets Jax and learns the truth about herself very early on, and even though she is supposedly terrified and repulsed by him, she still manages to almost immediately engage in a make out session Throughout the book, she continues to not want to be near him and just wants to be normal, but still manages to pounce on him on numerous occasions and even goes so far as to ditch the bra fairly early on before the big sexy scene at the end which I ll get to in a minute Jax looks at her and admires her strength of character and considers her tough even as a boy basically tries to molest her in the cafeteria while she sits there and cries about it instead of slapping the crap out of him Oh but don t worry Those are tears of anger Whew And here I had been thinking it was just because she was a wuss.Seriously The characterization in this novel is little than a joke Not one character goes beyond being two dimensional Sasha s character makes absolutely no sense whatsoever we are told she is tough and kick ass, yet she cries all the freakin time We are told she is very hesitant and unwilling to take on her Anabo destiny, but even when she knows that kissing Jax constantly brings her closer to the edge his spit, you know , she still jumps him like a prime cut of steak WTF Also, Jax is supposedly a son of Hell, and we are told that he engages in a varied array of horrible behavior, yet he spends the majority of the novel either mooning over Sasha like a moron in jr high or being a complete overbearing jerk see Twilight So, hopefully you see the trend I m going for her we are told many things in the story, but never actually shown them Same goes for the chemistry between the characters, they are supposedly struck mad by the love bug, are constantly all over each other but I never felt even the smallest flicker of anything Not good writing my friends, not good at all.So yeah, this is very much a plot driven novel However, the book is pretty long and there are quite a few slow parts that dragged on a little too much Probably because there were quite a few Sasha Jax bonding scenes Since I didn t feel like their relationship made a lick of sense, I was annoyed But, I did manage to read the entire book, which does say something If it had really been 100% horrible, no way could I have read the whole thing without throwing it across the room theoretically since I read it on my Kindle But then again, I had to put it down several times and never looked forward to picking it back up it was determination to see it through Plus I wanted to get to the promised sexytimes which yes, was pretty graphic for YA but also very short I guess even immortal Hell boy teenagers don t have a lot of staying power.To top things off, the ending of the book was a complete loss Totally cuts off to rope you into wanting to read the sequel which I think I ll be managing to resist thank you very much Not really any resolution.Anyway, this was obviously not the book for me I have already seen some positive reviews out there however, so not everyone will agree with me If you are a huge forbidden love fangirl and or love Twilight like relationships don t let me put you off reading the book you ll undoubtedly enjoy it a lot than I did If you aren t a fan of either of those things, run like the windthe YA sexytimes aren t worth it. I ve always had a thing for angel books but to my surprise this wasn t necessarily about angels but the mythology surrounding mephistopheles and his seven sons Sure the goody two shoes main character is cliche and all too well known, but I liked how she gradually sees the evil like any other human She s supposed to be free of sin born from Aurora, Adam and Eve s daughter Meeting Jax changes everything Though this can be touted first as a romance, I ignored the lovey dovey and focused on the plot that kept me going from page one to the very end I liked the whole concept of good versus evil and trying to stop the baddies from overtaking the world, that s what kept me reading I liked her writing and it was never boring for me There were some disturbing rape and sexual assault scenes so just to tread warning.I also noted that this series is pretty similar to J.R Ward s Black Dagger Brotherhood series minus all the sex scenes.I m also sad to hear that the author was diagnosed with cancer, but she beat it and is recovering She even felt bad that she s delayed writing her books We wish you all the best love You Tarzan Me JaneNo I m Mephisto you re Anabo Since I m the one who caught your scent, it means you re intended for me In my very private opinion there are only two possible and healthy viewpoints to adapt when reading The Mephisto Covenant Incredulous Outrage and Guilty Pleasure My own has been a mixture of both, but as my final 3 star rating shows, I primarily went with the latter and consequently had a shitload of fun I am aware of the fact that there are also readers who consumed the story with a I want to be her and I need someone like him in my life feeling bursting in their breasts, but I personally consider that kind of mindframe in combination with the book in question as pretty peculiar at best If you would sort yourself into that category, please stop reading my review right now for your own good The good, the bad and the outrageously ugly It is surely pretty difficult to base your world building on selected pillars of Christian mythology multi fold and controversial in itself as it is without inducing some of your potential readers to have a fit For theologists, philosophers and psychologists are still searching for answers to the good and bad dilemma Do good and bad exist Are we born inherently good, inherently bad or something mish mash in between How much of the kind of person we turn out to be is fixed by our genetic cocktail and how much is learned or instilled by the society that nurtures us during our formative years What or who is responsible for a human being to grow a conscience or the ability to feel empathy As someone who works in the educational sector I strongly detest the genes only theories I believe that genes do place certain limitations, but they do not make anybody good or bad In The Mephisto Covenant there are a few people view spoiler like Sasha s Dad hide spoiler Mephisto Covenant This name alone made me think of a witchy boys, and even sons of hell translated in my mind to a group who had pledged their souls in some way to hell I wasn t expecting actual sons of hell, which is exactly what they are Such a breath of fresh air with the abundance of other paranormal creatures and fallen angels floating about Also kind of hot if I do say so myself.The Mephisto Covenant started a little slow for me, though it jumps right into the action, it took a little while for me to start caring for the characters Also, in the beginning there were resemblances to Unearthly that I had trouble shaking Not just the cover, but the angelic girl and the skiing, my mind just kept flashing to Unearthly But it isn t long before this book takes it s own very unique turns, and you completely forget you were ever able to make the comparison Seriously I sat for ten minutes wondering what it was that distracted me in the beginning before I finally remembered This probably makes the point irrelevant Such unique characters Sasha is such a sweet girl, and I loved watching her transform in ways than one Jax is the obvious choice for swoonworthiness, but I found myself gravitating toward Phoenix his brother on than one occasion He s so solemn, and still managed to pull laughs out of me numerous times Sasha s family were out of this world insane, Jax s family were the kind you would want to spend eternity with The secondary characters were nearly as fascinating as our main characters.There is a hot hot scene toward the end that had me to stopping to check if it was really YA or if I had imagined that part If you know me, you know I have no problems with this None whatsoever The girl is eighteen, afterall But I do think this would pose a problem for anyone who tends to shy away from sex in YA.The Mephisto Covenant is an alluring love story, so perfectly plotted and perfectly paced It did not disappoint.4.5 5 Stars Minus.5 for the slow start No longer reading The Memphisto Covenant..because the story is just dragging and there s too much Oh I really love her and I must be with her and Oh, snaps dizzles, he s soooo hot, so I m totally gonna trust him and not feel all weird that he tries to erase my memory Nah, Imma keep on making out with him It s all good OOOOOkaaay.If I wanted a sappy, mushy love story that lacks substance, I d go read Twilight or something And if I wanted a story with basically NO worthwhile action scenes, I d also go read Twilight To be fair, the story started out all right I mean there was some sort of weird ritual deal going on, there was a stoning , then there was this pretty interesting plot revelation about angels and demons and a daughter of Eve and just really cool stuff But then about 90 pages in, it was just all about how this totally gorgeous, model looking type of dude, who s also a totally nice guy, has to somehow make a girl fall in love with him Uh Yeah, like that s going to be so hard Making a teenager girl fall in love with a guy who looks like he could be in GQ magazine And there was just too much unnecessary and unwarranted trust going on and just no The story took a turn for susbstance less at about 100 pages And this is when I decided to just let it go No use wasting my time I flipped through the next two hundred pages to see if there were any big big action scenes coming up, but I just saw a bunch of romance scenes and dialogue that didn t catch my attention So no, thanks Originally posted at

Trinity Faegen is a multi published RITA winning author who also writes romance as Stephanie Feagan A practicing CPA who loves travel, books, and smart guys, she lives in the outback of west Texas with her husband and a mean cat For bonus content and about the Mephisto, please visit her website at

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