Yossel, April 19, 1943

Yossel, April 19, 1943Hubert did entertainment comics for decades Tarzan, Hawkman, Sgt Rock but later in life he turned to realistic subjects perhaps closer to his heart Works like Jew Gangster about how Jews in the Depression might have turned mobsters, and this one, done at the age of 76 for the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising This is historical fiction in part, we are told, based on Kubert s supposition about what had happened if he and his family had not been able to emigrate to the U.S to escape the Nazi terrors What if Kubert depicted here as young talented cartoonist Yossel had been stuck in the Warsaw ghetto and keep drawing superheroes that the Nazi soldiers saw as emblems of the Nazi superrace What if Kubert had been able to participate in the uprising Depicting Yossel as a comics artist helps us see some of the uses for art in general and comics in particular Kubert also made the choice to draw in some ways as a young and very talented young man might draw, or as he might have drawn if he had paper and opportunity Kubert drew the art with pencil but then typically most comic artists would ink over the pencil drawings and erase vestiges of the pencil, but he decided to leave the drawings in pencil for their immediacy and realism They re sketchy, and deliberately so And reveal Kubert s artistry and humanity Both the art and story in this tale are solid but unsurprising I feel many of us know this story of Nazi horrors Maybe some of us know less about the uprising than Auschwitz, and it is important everything continues to be documented, but other than the Yossel as cartoonist angle, this is not a story that is new in any way, Maus in several ways is a new and unique Holocaust tale Shoah Claude Lanzmann s epic documentary film is a strikingly unique and important contribution no shown only narrated images of Holocaust horror, and yet it is somehow the most horrific to WWII literature But I am still glad Kubert made this personal and political statement It would be great for history courses. A nice WWII what if graphic novel by master DC artist and writer Joe Kubert The artwork is unfinished pencil sketches that nicely highlight a well developed story. Ottima graphic novel semi autobiografica Le vicende si svolgono nel ghetto di Varsavia, uno dei pochi che si ribellato alle SS e che per questo stato raso al suolo L autore, un affermato fumettista americano, immagina cosa sarebbe accaduto a lui e alla sua famiglia se non fossero riusciti ad emigrare negli USA poco prima che Hitler invadesse la Polonia. The drawings are definitely what makes this book They are stark and bare yet wonderfully illustrate the mood and sense of urgency in the Warsaw ghetto I will recommend this book to my students who ask why no one fought back The book is fiction but is based on the Warsaw ghetto uprising of April 19, 1943 Excellent. This was an intense reading experience I can t even begin to imagine what life was like for the Jews in Eastern Europe, in the Warsaw ghetto, in the concentration camps In Yossel, April 19, 1943 Joe Kubert explores the big what if in his life What if his parents hadn t refused to be turned away, what if, in 1926, they had returned to Poland, rejected from America, and stayed there What would have happened if, while Jews were being shipped off to concentration camps to die, he was with them, instead of in high school, drawing comics for newspapers and magazines Yossel isn t like other graphic novels, Kubert left his pencil drawings, unedited, no ink and colour This definitely increases the sense of urgency, and as I got further immersed into the story I felt like I was holding pages that had been found in the ghetto, that Yossel had documented his short life whilst waiting in the sewers for the German officers to find his small group There was a sense of these being quick sketches, drawn quickly by someone who had little time to put this to paper, and the faces of the Jews that Yossel drew are etched into my mind.His story, and the stories of others told through him, came alive off the page, and my heart is heavy Nothing has hit me like this in a long time, and I can t praise Yossel enough It will definitely be sticking with me for a long, long time. What If is the title of a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that explore the road not traveled by its various Marvel characters Events in the What If series are considered separate from mainstream continuity in the Marvel Universe.Joe Kubert s book Yossel is essentially a hard hitting powerful What if original graphic novel published by DC comics Joe Yossel Kubert in his graphic novel explores his life in a What if the Kubert family didn t reapply for immigration from Poland to the United States after they were turned down in 1926 style Yossel is a gripping story about a 15year old boy living in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II Yossel, like Kubert discovers cartoon drawing at an early age It is his passion It is his dream It s what keeps him going As quoted from the book If I could not draw, I could not survive To mentally escape, Yossel sketches super heroes His art is discovered by his Nazi guards, and provides entertainment for the guards as they watch him sketch for them This earns Yossel favors in the way of scrapes of bread or a bit of strudel Back in his cramped ghetto room, Yossel s sketches turn from comic super heroes to the grim reality around him as he watches death and despair Separated from his family who is deported to Auschwitz, it doesn t take Yossel long to join a resistance movement headed by the young Mordechai Although the book does not call out Mordechai s last name, one can infer that Kubert is chronicling the life of Mordechai The Little Angel Anielewicz, the leader of the Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa Jewish Combat Organization , during the Warsaw Uprising The book s subtitle is Yossel, April 19, 1943 The date the Warsaw Uprising started, the second night of Passover Yossel details the Warsaw uprising in Mr Kubert s compelling art style Kubert s heartfelt story of the horrors of the Nazi era is hammered home with his raw artwork The art in Yossel is phenomenal Mr Kubert does not ink his sketches, but rather leaves them as raw penciled sketches This, combined with the greyish darkened paper really gives you the feeling that these are Yossel s Warsaw ghetto sketches The manner in which Mr Kubert draws facial expressions, will leave the reader breathless One can t help comparing Yossel with Maus another original graphic novel detailing the Holocaust by Art Spiegelman Where Maus is a non fictional account of a survivor s tale, the fictional account of Yossel isn t any less gut wrenching Maybe so because of Mr Kubert s art Yossel s story is no different then countless number of Jews who were subjected to the horrors of the Holocaust In Yossel, I saw my father in law s story, as did I find my Grandfather s escape from Bergen Belsen.Yossel is an emotional book, and one that along with Maus should be required reading.Yossel is Joe Kubert at his finest. As early as 2007, I was developing my opinion that showing real people in the horrors of war works better than substituting animals.This may be the most powerful graphic novel I ever read and possibly the most powerful one I will ever read This is far better than Maus in terms of showing the sheer horror and terror of the Holocaust Why Because the people Kubert draws in all their desperation are real They re humans and they re drawn as humans, and seeing them suffer should move anyone who reads this In a way, this is a very personal What If story for Kubert, namely what if his parents had not made the decision to leave for America when they did Drawn in rough pencil not a daub of ink anywhere, Kubert takes us through the Warsaw ghetto, relates a survivor s of the concentration camps, and shows how horrible the entire thing was The drawing here may be the best of Kubert s life figures are either detailed or sketchy, depending on need, and his scenes from the camps literally gave me nightmares I won t lie this is a hard book to read I had to take it in small pieces before my brain would say enough and I d stop for awhile But this is truly a masterpiece you simply must read this, especially since we appear to be in another was the Holocaust really that bad phases Library, 01 07 His Name Is Yossel In Another Time, In Another Place, This Year Old Boy Could Have Grown To Be A Great Artist But In Nazi Occupied Poland During World War II, Yossel, A Jew Is An Untermensch And Thus Has No Rights And No Future This Is His Story, As Told Through His Sketches Joe Kubert was one of my favorite comic book artists of all time, he being famous at DC for Hawkman, Tarzan and especially Sgt Rock for which he drew the art for 30 years In this graphic novel, Kubert tells the tale of a heroic boy from Poland named Yossel who gets forced into the Warsaw ghetto with his family and ends up in the Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943 not surprisingly, Yossel is an aspiring comic book artist who spends most of his time drawing, mirroring at least part of Kubert s life, although he was born in Brooklyn to Jewish immigrants from Poland, luckily escaping the horrors of the Holocaust, graphically and disturbingly recounted here. The art in this is bloody gorgeous, but it doesn t have near the punch it should The art screams of an urgency, sketchy and beautiful However, the story itself, while very personal, was oddly detached It s gorgeous and well done, but I never felt truly moved It felt all too speculative to me The story felt almost overdone What I mean is, the story is an almost cookie cutter example of a Holocaust narrative I could never contemplate the character of the characters There is a vagueness, a non specificity, that you often see in what if narratives.

Joe Kubert was a Jewish American comic book artist who went on to found the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art He is best known for his work on the DC Comics characters Sgt Rock and Hawkman His sons, Andy Kubert and Adam Kubert, have themselves become successful comic book artists.Kubert s other creations include the comic books Tor, Son of Sinbad, and Viking Prince, and, with writer

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