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Gallows View A Peeping Tom Is Frightening The Women Of Eastvale Two Glue Sniffing Young Thugs Are Breaking Into Homes And Robbing People An Old Woman May Or May Not Have Been Murdered Investigating These Cases Is Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks, A Perceptive, Curious And Compassionate Policeman Recently Moved To The Yorkshire Dales From London To Escape The Stress Of City Life In Addition To All This, Banks Has To Deal With The Local Feminists And His Attraction To A Young Psychologist, Jenny Fuller As The Tension Mounts, Both Jenny And Banks S Wife, Sandra, Are Drawn Deeper Into The Events The Cases Weave Together As The Story Reaches A Tense And Surprising Climax Author S Website

See this thread for information Peter Robinson was born in Yorkshire After getting his BA Honours Degree in English Literature at the University of Leeds, he came to Canada and took his MA in English and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor, with

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    Gallows View is the first novel in the popular Inspector Banks series by British author Peter Robinson Banks, has recently moved from the high crime city of London to Yorkshire, a sleepy little town, where crime is not particularly common and the residents have until now felt safe He is happily married to Sandra, has two kids, and is very dedicated to his job and works long hours Sandra has outside interests, and is presently taking photography classes, so Banks long hours don t seem to present a problem In this novel there are several things happening 1 A Peeping Tom is targeting blonde attractive women, including Banks wife, but leaves no evidence and has made it very difficult to catch him 2 Burglaries are being committed all over town, primarily aimed at elderly victims and 3 An elderly woman has been murdered in her home A very attractive female psychologist, Jenny Fuller, has been called in to help with the investigation of the Peeping Tom Although she is a well respected and first rate psychologist, she is primarily chosen because she is a woman, due to the fact that there is a woman s group in the town that has accused the police department of putting the investigation on the back burner because the crime is only committed against women In order to profile the stalker, Banks and Fuller find it necessary to meet often, and they generally meet in pubs over drinks Since Banks is the Chief Inspector, he has his hands full trying to solve the three sets of crimes He is, however, an excellent investigator, and with hard work and a quick mind, finally solves the crimes in the end The setting for this novel is very English, which gives it a sort of charm that is missing from some mainstream suspense thriller novels The characters are just run of the mill people and are very believable no superheroes here with superhuman strength no out of the ordinary evil murderous villains or serial killers just waiting to pounce on the next victim no graphic violence Robinson s writing style is easy to follow and the book flows without any inconsistencies There are several suspenseful moments in the book, and the ending is a totally unexpected surprise This book is definitely recommended for those who enjoy well written police procedural thrillers Like me, once you finish this one, you ll want to immediately pick up the next novel in the Inspector Banks series and sit down to an afternoon of good reading.

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    This is a series I have wanted to try for a very long time It s a series with staying power it still attracts a significant number of loyal readers despite its long run of 24 so far books over a 30 year period Gallows View is first in the series and was published in 1987 The book left me with mixed, though mainly positive, feelings.First, the not so good things The novel, though a fast read as it is on the shorter side, did take some time to engage me I wasn t dying to pick it up in my spare time It didn t help that my previous read had me glued to the pages and was one of the very best books I have ever read Secondly, Mr Robinson s writing style is okay, but nothing special In addition, a fair number of characters are introduced in the first few chapters, and I had to work to keep them straight I read a paperback version so no life saving search button Finally, throughout much of the book I thought DCI Banks and his police colleagues were a rather bland group of fellows who were written without much personal depth.On the other hand, there were some major redeeming factors The plot is very good Banks, who had moved to a small British village Eastvale to escape the unrelenting stress of London crime, is actually juggling three baffling cases at once He is trying to solve a series of breakins, a Peeping Tom case, and a possible murder Though I figured out the voyeurism case fairly quickly, I was impressed by how the author adeptly weaved these three cases together, which culminated in an entertaining and satisfying climax Further, by the end of the book I was starting to get a better feel for DCI Banks and Sergeant Hatchley I have to think they will be fleshed out further as the series progresses I also really liked the secondary characters of Sandra Banks Alan s wife and Jenny Fuller psychologist Last, but not least, I absolutely loved the detailed map of the fictional village of Eastvale at the front of the book I referred to this map at least 20 times to follow the story around town I wish all crime novels came with a map.Overall, I think Gallows View shows promise I will definitely continue on with the series as I would like to see how Mr Robinson matured as a writer with hopes that he really developed his characters and came up with even better plots I suspect he has been successful as, after all, 30 years later, he is still going strong

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    First published in 1987, this is the novel that introduced Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks Banks is a former London policeman who relocated to Yorkshire, assuming that the pace of life and the crime rate would both be slower That may be the case, but he quickly discovers that there s than enough crime to keep him busy, even out here in the hinterlands This is a good thing, of course otherwise there would be no point in writing or reading about his adventures The series has now reached twenty three books, with the latest published this year A lot has changed over that period for Banks, but he s never wanted for mysteries to unravel and criminals to pursue When we first meet him, Banks is apparently somewhere in his early to mid thirties He s happily married and has two children who are nearing their teens He s a solid, dedicated husband, father and policeman He s certainly not as flashy as Lucas Davenport or as complex as John Rebus, but if you were in need of a detective, he s probably just the sort of guy you d want on the job.In this instance, Banks faces three complex criminal cases and some personal issues as well In the first case, an elderly woman is killed, apparently by someone she admitted to her home It may have been a burglary gone wrong, although little seems to be missing Unfortunately, there are few clues there s no one with an obvious motive, and there are apparently no witnesses.Additionally, a Peeping Tom is spying on local women He seems to prefer shapely blondes and apparently wants them to know that he has been watching them Several outraged and frightened women have reported the guy, but no one s gotten a good look at him and he s gotten away cleanly every time, at least thus far.Finally, someone, or maybe two someones, are burglarizing houses They apparently know when people are going to be away from home and what sort of valuables they might have It s all very frustrating, both for the victims and for the police, but at least initially, the burglars have been careful and clever enough to leave no clues pointing in their direction.Banks must juggle all these cases and pressure is building for solutions in each In an effort to catch the Peeping Tom, the police bring in a psychologist to consult with Banks and develop a profile of the peeper The psychologist turns out the be a young, intelligent and very sexy woman Although happily married, Banks is strongly attracted to her and his feelings are obviously reciprocated, which may wind up causing problems on the home front.This novel moves at its own, relatively quiet pace There s not a great deal of violence and it s not one of those thrillers that grabs you by the throat and won t let go Still, it has attractions of its own Banks is an interesting protagonist and as a detective he s probably perfectly suited for the job he s taken It s fun to watch him at work and, twenty three books down the road, fans of the series still look forward to the new installments By now, it s like settling in with a familiar cast of characters that you look forward to meeting again once every year or so.Over twenty three books Banks s personal life has steadily evolved, and this is one of those series where a reader would probably be well advised to start at the beginning rather than picking up the latest installment and learning a lot of things that you might well not want to know But for people who enjoy realistic British mystery series, this is among the best.

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    I really enjoyed this one It reminded me a lot of the Martin Beck series by Maj Sj wall and Per Wahloo The characters are well developed Banks is a very respectable man with good values and morals and his wife, Sandra, is really easy going This was an enjoyable read and I found myself always wanting to get back to reading it It wasn t particularly suspenseful until the end, but the book moved at a good pace I m looking forward to reading in the series.

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    Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks was doing everything he could to find and capture the peeping Tom who was terrorizing young women in Eastvale, but his frustrations were mounting Added to that were burglars who were preying on the elderly women of the area and then an elderly woman was killed in her home and it was ransacked Had the peeping Tom escalated Or had the burglars been carried away and killed by accident The police force brought in a psychologist to help, but even that didn t seem to mount to anything Until the day Banks wife was targeted Sandra Banks loved photography and her class once a week was something she enjoyed Would Inspector Banks get to the bottom of the crimes that seemed to be rife in the area Were they connected or separate crimes The he found out the deeper he went the danger there was Gallows View is my first by author Peter Robinson and won t be my last The first in the Inspector Banks series, the tension and pace is electric Racing to the conclusion, there was no way I could put it down Everything came together beautifully, and I was left with a feeling of profound satisfaction at finishing an excellent crime mystery novel Highly recommended.

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    When Chief Inspector Alan Banks relocated from London to the Yorkshire village of Eastvale, he expected the quiet of the countryside But, with a string of robberies, a Peeping Tom, a rape, and a murdered doddering 87 year old woman, Banks has his hands full.I had heard a lot of good things about Peter Robinson s Alan Banks series, and the debut, Gallows View, was serviceable, although not awe inspiring Originally released in 1987, the novel was less dated than I expected The honest, if imperfect, Banks makes for an interesting protagonist, and I really liked his wife Most refreshing of all were the realistic suspects after a string of mystery novels with ridiculously unrealistic villains with patently implausible motivations, a serviceable novel looks pretty good I particularly liked Banks patient, tenacious pursuit of the teenaged rapist Reading the book in its audio format, I couldn t stop listening during the book s final three to four hours In addition, I expect Banks to grow on me as the series advances.

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    This is one of the early novels in Robinson s Alan Banks series of detective novels, and lacks the psychological depth and sense of dark claustrophobia that make the recent entries worthy of their place on the shelf alongside books by the likes of Ian Rankin and Ruth Rendell Still and all, it s a rattlingly readable yarn I gobbled it down in little than a day The Yorkshire town of Eastvale is being plagued by a peeping tom and by a spate of house invasion style thefts, in which a couple of thugs push their way into the homes of old dears and petrify their victims into silence as they strip the place of cash and valuables Then one of the old dears is killed in the course of such a robbery or is that really what went down In trying to solve any one of the crimes, Banks and his colleagues manage to solve all of them, while Banks solves also the problem of his adulterous yearnings for consultant psychologist Jenny Fuller Some of the tying off of ends seems a bit contrived, as indeed does some of the rest of the plotting and characterization I m not sure that, had I read this back in 1987, I d have guessed how good Robinson was going to become, but I d certainly have felt myself entertained agreeably enough to have tried another.

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    This first book in the series featuring DI Alan Banks does a great job of introducing the main character and the people in his life as he works to resolve three cases that end up intersecting seamlessly While it seemed to meander initially, it eventually hooked me as I immersed myself in the scenes and settings Banks moved to Yorkshire from London to have a less stressful work life only to be faced with these complicated crimes He s very competent but not without his own personal issues This series can only get better and I plan to continue The narrator of the audiobook, Mark Honan, did an exceptional job of providing distinctive voice for at least 10 characters He brought them to life, which magnified the story I highly recommend this format.

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    A brilliant book, I have watched the DCI Banks TV show which is excellent but was surprised to find the books behind the series better This book I read in 3 hours, cover to cover could not put it down The author has a knack of giving so much detail that the picture is clear in your mind as reading the words, without being over descriptive to the point of tediousness.It s compelling and very readable, the characters are detailed and the plot keeps you going until the end It is a very good crime novel and I read a lot of them I will certainly be reading of this compelling series.

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    More of a 3.5 listen The narrator was good there was to the story than I expected No mystery here except how Banks will wrap it all up, but at least the author didn t try for any except in one case that was well done.What made this an interesting listen was the setting, a large town in England, the characters, pure English It seemed to be a very realistic snapshot of their life issues.I have another, but I m not in a rush to get to it The writing was very good, but it wasn t really my sort of book The fact that I liked it so much was kind of surprising.

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