You Let Me In

You Let Me In delivers a stunning tale from debut author Camilla Bruce, combining the sinister domestic atmosphere of Gillian Flynn s Sharp Objects with the otherwordly thrills of Neil Gaiman s The Ocean at the End of the Lane Cassandra Tipp is deador is she After all, the notorious recluse and


In this timeless, mythical tale of unforgiving justice and elusive grace, rural Mississippi townsfolk shoulder the pain of generations as something dangerous lurks in the enigmatic kudzu of the woods The town of Red Bluff, Mississippi, has seen better days, though those who ve held on have little

The Bank

We know who you are Can your current bank say that We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service to all of our customers We re looking forward to banking with YOU In the small town of Montgomery, Arizona, Kyle Decker s book shop is barely breaking even When a bank opens in the empty

Brown Girl Ghosted

Violet Choudry may be part of the popular clique at school, but as one of a handful of brown girls in a small Illinois town, all she really wants to do is blend in Unfortunately for her, shes got a knack for seeing spirits When the queen bee of the school ends up dead following a leaked sex tape,


A car accident shattered sixteen year old Morgan s family Now her brothers dead, her mom s paralyzed in ways than one, her dad lives at work and her seven year old sister Amy tries too freaking hard to salvage everything Whats , high school is its own special kind of hell, where her