In the house of Helios, god of the sun and mightiest of the Titans, a daughter is born But Circe is a strange child not powerful, like her father, nor viciously alluring like her mother Turning to the world of mortals for companionship, she discovers that she does possess power the power of

Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold (Stephen Fry's Great Mythology, #1)

The Greek myths are the greatest stories ever told, passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce and Walt Disney They are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales and cultural DNA of the West In Stephen Fry s hands the stories

Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures (Stephen Fry's Great Mythology, #2)

There are Heroes and then there are Greek Heroes Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming vengeful gods, quite as stylishly and triumphantly as Greek heroes In this companion to his bestselling Mythos,