Darkwalker on Moonshae (Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae Trilogy, #1)

Will the Balance of the Goddess, and the peace of the Ffolk, be destroyed by the Kazgaroth Only Tristan Kendrick, troubled heir to the legacy of the High Kings, can rally the diverse people and creatures of the Isles of Moonshae to halt the spread of darkness On the side of Evil a relentless

Dragons of a Vanished Moon (Dragonlance: The War of Souls, #3)

The flames of war devour Ansalon The army of dead souls marches toward conquest, led by the mystical warrior Mina, who serves the powerful One God A small band of heroes, driven to desperate measures, leads the fight against overwhelming odds Two unlikely protagonists emerge One is a dragon

Dragons of Summer Flame (Dragonlance: The Second Generation, #2)

The War of the Lance is long over The seasons come and go The pendulum of the world swings Now it is summer A hot parched summer, such as no one on Krynn has ever known before The uneasy balance starts to shift Distraught by a grievous loss, the young mage Palin Majere seeks to enter the Abyss