The Overstory

The Overstory is a sweeping, impassioned work of activism and resistance that is also a stunning evocation of and paean to the natural world From the roots to the crown and back to the seeds, Richard Powers s twelfth novel unfolds in concentric rings of interlocking fables that range from anteb


The New York Times bestselling author of Flight Behavior, The Lacuna, and The Poisonwood Bible and recipient of numerous literary awards including the National Humanities Medal, the Dayton Literary Peace Prize, and the Orange Prize returns with a timely novel that interweaves past and present to exp

Leave Only Footprints : My Acadia-to-Zion Journey Through Every National Park

From the Emmy winning CBS Sunday Morning correspondent, an entertaining chronicle of his year spent traveling to every one of our National Parks, including his experiences with some of the most beautiful places and most interesting people that America has to offer n nWhen Conor Knighton decided to

Notes from an Apocalypse: A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back

A fantastic book It s harrowing, tender hearted, and funny as hell O Connell proves himself to be a genius guide through all the circles of imagined and anticipated doom Jenny Offill n nBy the author of the award winning To Be a Machine, an absorbing, deeply felt book about our anxious present

Het water komt

Als er nu n verhaal verteld moet worden, dan is dat het verhaal van Johan van Veen Ingenieur Vader van het Deltaplan Een van de grootste Nederlanders aller tijden Maar vrijwel niemand die hem kent nHet verhaal van Johan is het verhaal van Nederland Een verhaal dat sinds de Watersnoodramp van


Forced to accept that intensive farming on the heavy clay of their land at Knepp in West Sussex was economically unsustainable, Isabella Tree and her husband Charlie Burrell made a spectacular leap of faith they decided to step back and let nature take over Thanks to the introduction of free roami

The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here

n From the bestselling author of n n Lab Girl n n comes a slim, urgent missive on the defining issue of our time here is Hope Jahren on climate change, our timeless pursuit of , and how the same human ambition that got us here can also be our salvation n n nHope Jahren is an award winning


Some facts about Billy Dickens n He once saw a biker swerve across the road in order to run over a snake n Later, that motorcycle somehow ended up at the bottom of a canal n Billy isn t the type to let things go nSome facts about Billy s family n They ve lived in six different Florida towns

Silent Spring

Rachel Carson s Silent Spring was first published in three serialized excerpts in the New Yorker in June of 1962 The book appeared in September of that year and the outcry that followed its publication forced the banning of DDT and spurred revolutionary changes in the laws affecting our air, land,