Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies

A tour of the world s hidden geographies from disappearing islands to forbidden deserts and a stunning testament to how mysterious the world remains todayAt a time when Google Maps Street View can take you on a virtual tour of Yosemite s remotest trails and cell phones double as navigational systems

An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist: A Compendium of Fifty Unrecognized and Largely Unnoticed States

Acclaimed travel writer and Oxford geography don Nick Middleton takes us on a magical tour of countries that, lacking diplomatic recognition or UN membership, inhabit a world of shifting borders, visionary leaders and forgotten peoples n nMost of us think we know what a country is, but in truth the c

The Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps

The Phantom Atlas is an atlas of the world not as it ever existed, but as it was thought to be These marvellous and mysterious phantoms non existent islands, invented mountain ranges, mythical civilisations and other fictitious geography were all at various times presented as facts on maps and

How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps: Step by Step Cartography for Gamers and Fans

The power of creation is at your fingertips Orcs prepare for battle against high Elves, Dwarves retreat to the mountains and men march to the sea to reclaim crumbling fortresses Fortunes are decided Kingdoms are lost Entire worlds are created This book will teach you to bring your fictional real

Great Maps

The world s finest maps explored and explained From Ptolemy s world map to the Hereford s Mappa Mundi, through Mercator s map of the world to the latest maps of the Moon and Google Earth, Great Maps provides a fascinating overview of cartography through the ages n nRevealing the stories behind 55 hi


Travel the world without leaving your living room.Much than an ordinary atlas, this book of maps is a visual feast for readers of all ages, with lavishly drawn illustrations from the incomparable Mizielinskis It features not only borders, cities, rivers, and peaks, but also places of historica

On the Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks

Cartography enthusiasts rejoice the bestselling author of the Just My Type reveals the fascinating relationship between man and map n nSimon Garfield s Just My Type illuminated the world of fonts and made everyone take a stand on Comic Sans and care about kerning Now Garfield takes on a subject eve